Rise up for the benefit of our future - story of derek otf hill
by Sovereign Kyle Droppo on Friday, October 15, 2010 at 11:09am
we are among a rising fascist police state unless the people of this city rise up, ban together; and say no. we demand a change with the LPS.

this is the story of a very kind human being, who does nothing but trives of passion for exposing the truth about the crooks in ottawa and around the country.

this is what happened to derek, written by derek. (i copied this from an email sent in gmail, so sorry for the spacing ill fix it later)

This is to the best of Derek

On or about Wednesday, October 6th 10:15 me and terry was at a negotiation conference for his towing issue.

terry introduced himself and the lawyer for ross towing and the owner was also present i tried to say my name but they demanded my last name which i told them i do not have a last name and it was irrelevant.

he told me that he would deal with me later.

terry "have you received my notice of certificate of oath judge?"
judge "yes i have and the request for certificate of oath is denied"
derek "judge your not in the position to deny your oath otherwise your wouldn't be a judge"
the judge moves on and asked terry to recall the events leading up to it. terry looked at me and i told him to just tell it like it is.

we also hear the other side of the the story for ross towing. the judge says something which was "inaudible"

derek "we do not recognize that order until you provide your certificate of oath to show you truly are a public official or judge"
judge "i don't want to hear from you"
derek "that doesn't matter, now please present your certificate of oath on and for the record"
judge "if you talk again i will have you arrested for trespassing"
derek "that order is unauthorized. should you issue an order i will criminally charge you with impersonating a public official, impostor!!"
judge "silence! i will not listen to what you say as you have no say in this matter"
derek "terry give me a person of yours"
terry whispering "this is the only one i got" -shows WFS id
derek shaking head "noooooooooooooooooooooooooo, give me your health card"
terry hands over his health card
derek "leave the room terry"
terry gets up right away and leaves
derek "there, mr. terry bouffard is presented on and for the record. now IMPOSTOR you now deal with me as i am the administrator of this account. now-"
judge interrupts me "constable arrest this man"
constable "the judge ordered you to leave the room"
derek "no he didn't ask me to leave the room he was just trying to charge me with trespassing. you got some deja vu powers or something because the impostor didn't say
anything of that effect?"
judge "i am ordering you to leave the room"
derek "i don't acknowledge orders from impostors"
derek "under whos authority?"
constable "are you retarded the judge ordered you to."
derek "there is no judge. if you enforce that unlawful order you are breaching trust and breaching duty and also committing treason against the queen. and you impostor you ARE impersonating a public official which is a criminal offense and i will have you arrested with proper authority as you have yet to provide your oath"
constable "thats it your being arrested"
the constable grabs my arm and yanks it up to an awkward position which i feared he would break my pop my arm out. i turned around and pulled my arm
constable "your resisting arrest!!"
at that point he grabbed my neck with one of his hands and thrown me on the table, while choking me
after this point my memory started to be a bit blurry
i was trying to remove his hand by hitting his elbow region hoping it would cause his arm to buckle which it did.
derek "are you fucking retarded, your trying to suffocate me i'm defending myself! TERRY COME HELP!!!"
all i seen was terry saying something similar to the effect of "I'M WITNESSING THIS!!!"
constable "shut the fuck up"
he resumed choking me and got on his Mic saying something like requesting backup
i managed to pull his arm again and barely said "your requesting backup when your almost killing me, you fucking bitch"
after that he got off his Mic and took both his hands and started strangling me with both hands, pulled me on the edge of the table lifted me up and did a choke slam straight to the carpet with still both hands around my neck.
since i was slammed to the ground i had the wind knocked out of me and i was still being strangled. at this point i was beginning to black out. it was only a few seconds when he dragged me across the carpet under a table and thats when the officers came. an officer put his full weight on my chest with his knee. i felt my chest
giving out as i was blacking out. they finally turned me over and arrested me. they put the cuffs on really tight and my hands were getting tingling feelings.
after that they dragged me across the hallway and into the elevator while throwing me side to side on the wall causing me to tumble several times as i was still recovering from the strangle and was still trying to get air. most of the cops were saying comments such as "we got another fucked up freeman wannabe" or "where the fuck do these people come from".
so they thrown me in the elevator. i smiled and they told me to lose the smile because its gonna be hell for me.
so we get to the floor, they continue dragging me while banging me against the walls and throw me against the door and said that they should charge me assaulting a door. some officers were still making comments such as "we got a lawyer wannabe" and other offensive comments like "this joke is with terry bouffard that fucker needs to be arrested 'indefinitely'?"
once we made it to the end of the hallway one of the officers took my head and slammed it against the wall and continued with the smirky comments. they also held me at
the neck and i felt some "snaps" in my neck and hearing funny noises and thats when i knew that i was in immediate danger. i asked them to ease up on the neck but they just simply replied with "stfu". they searched my pockets and took everything out. which i only had a bus pass with me. while still being rough they dragged me down further to a different hall.
another police officer began recording information about the event. he asked for my last name and birth date i didn't give anything to him. he went through my wallet and
got the information as always. he continue to record some more details of the events. at this time i noticed that my nose was bleeding. i assumed it was from the
trauma i endured.
i was then put into a small cell and was told i would wait here. i decided to meditate as my heartbeat was racing and i needed to slow it down, so i began to meditate.
when i was meditating and got to a deep state the officer banged on my door and yelled.
officer "DEREK!"
derek "no need to shout, what?"
officer "you derek hill?"
derek "no i don't know what that is?"
officer "your last name isn't hill?"
derek "your here at my cell and you went through my wallet and you assumed joinder, so why are you asking me this?"
officer "are you fucking retarded i asked you a question, are you derek hill?"
derek "no im derek that hill is no way a joinder with me"
officer "where were you born?"
derek "i don't know where i was born i couldn't remember that time, do you remember where you were born?"
officer "are you stupid, you don't know where you were born?"
derek "no i don't, i cant remember anything when i was born, just because theres a Quebec birth certificate does not mean thats where i was born. the certificate is that it just recorded the event within the province."
so he walked away. the lady beside my cell asked me what did i do to provoke that kind of behavior, i told her i didn't give my last name and she said something
similar to "damn you crazy"
about an hour has passed and the officers came to my cell and took me out. i dont recall much what happened but a few minutes later i was transported to a cop car and transfered to the police station. the cop that drove me was sincere and was very nice. once i got the the front desk i was directed to stand on the red X. they began to ask questions. the same old things. they first cut my earrings off then they asked for my address, i said i dont have an address. she asked where i lived i said i live on earth. she asked residence, i told you cant record that form. its in gps, she asked the coordinates. i told her i have no clue. she informed me that "without an address, your not going to be released". i then also informed her that "without cause you cant hold me longer then 72 hours".
officer "you have the right to contact a lawyer that is listed on these lists"
derek "no thanks for all i know there working with you guys to make money so there could be a collusion with you people and the courts"
another officer "ahh yes everything is a conspiracy"
derek "i never said that and its fraud to assume"
officer beside me who treated me well "hes part of the freeman society"
derek "do NOT associate me with groups like those. it gives you a reason to label me as a terrorist"
officer "ok so i will note that you given up your right to call a lawyer"
derek "i RESERVE my right to call my COUNCIL and also i RESERVE ALL of my RIGHTS"
officer "no, you can't call anyone you can only call a lawyer"
derek "no i am not, i call who i wish and i want to call my friend jeff who has the capacity of acting for council"
officer "fine, whats his number"
derek "the hell if i know, i don't memorize my numbers, its on my phone"
officer "ok go through his phone and look for this jeff gough"
derek "your not going to find him because i didn't save him with that name"
officer "look for jeff freeman"
officer "do you have any medical conditions?"
derek "yes hyperbolic time- err hypermetabolism" (dragonball z reference. i wasnt thinking clear at this time).
so the other officer started going through my phone and plugged it in the wall(since it was dead). i of course notified him that by going through my phone unauthorized is a breach of the privacy act. he just shrugged it off like it meant nothing. they found jeffs phone and called, but while they were calling i remembered that jeff would be at work so i didn't expect an answer from him. he of course did not pick up. they then shuffled me off to a cell.
the cell had 2 cement blocks to sleep on, a toilet and a fountain connected and with a lot of rust. i didn't trust the water so i didn't taste it as it had black stuff in it. it was only about an hour later the female officer visited me and asked me who else they can contact. i told them "cat freeman" or "david yeo". at this point i was thinking that i gotta get the word out fast to other people to let them know whats going on. so she walked away. while she was walking away i shouted
female officer "Who cares what you want"
she continued to walk away. about an hour later she comes back and told me david was on the phone. i talked to david to give him a brief idea of whats going on.
some time passed and approximately 2:30 to 3pm i hear a man come in and one of the officers stated that hes being stubborn and is asking about the freeman movement.
they brought him in with me. lo' and behold it was cc333/carries son. i didn't recognize him right away until he said "sup derek" i responded with "GTFO!!!!".
so for the next 2 hours i brought him up to speed and told him what he should do in a few circumstances. after some time i was pulled out to talk to jeff who responded
with my call. i was talking to jeff for about 10 minutes or so it seems and trying to bring him up to date as best i can and he informed me to hang in there and they are working as fast as they can to get something going on. the 2 officers came and started looking at me like they were cuing that to hang up. so i told jeff i gotta go. it was about an hour after we finally got something to eat which was a granola bar and black coffee, no sugar, no cream, no milk and i dont even drink coffee. i went to go fill it up with fountain water but when i did it still had black stuff in there. i dumped it but then i thought i should fill it up and put it on the edge of the cement bed to show officers what people were drinking in the cells. ofcourse they ignored it several times. i managed somehow to eat the granola bar but felt sick after as i did not want that and i was in need of apples or something of high nutritional value. i would have even taken a grapefruit which is disgusting but at least it would have been more nutritious.
i was returned back to my cell and nothing much else happened for on Tuesday October. 7th. 2010
the second day Thursday, October 8th 2010 approx. 3 am we finally received blankets and about an hour later we received a granola bar. both me and nik couldn't put it down our throats because we were disgusted by it. the same with the coffee. so we tried to sleep as best we can.
it was about 7 am when we woke up because they started telling up to get up fold our blankets and get ready to be transported to go to the court house.
me and nik got handcuffed together along with 3 other individuals and were thrown in the patty wagon(this the way you say it?). we started talking to each other and asked why they were there. then me and nik started talking about some freeman concepts like how they need your consent for anything, and some criminal code sections we plan to charge them with. they seem to be in very much high support as they feel they have been wronged by the police also. when we arrived at the courthouse we heard that the police said something similar to the effect of "its just business" i made the comment that :there making money off of jailing us so they get benefits by arresting us.
we were then dragged out into a hallway and some familiar faces i seen were shotting dirty looks at him and made comments like "this fuck up again" while i replied with "you were expecting me to not be here?". he replied with the traditional scare tactic of "stfu you fucking faggot".
we were then pushed against the wall still handcuffed with nik. they then released us from the cuffs and told us to put our hands on the wall. they proceeded to nik and asked for a last name.
nik "i dont have a last name"
officer "you wanna play this fucking game again??ill kick your fucking ass if you do that again"
nik look at the 3 other people said something like "see what they do when you simply dont give your last name" the other 3 was nodding in agreement.
they asked him again for the last name and he denied again.
officer "thats it put the fucking leg chains on this cocksucker. maybe itll teach him whos really in power"
they then put the leg chains on him and grabbed the chain and pulled it up forcing him to fall on his knees quickly.
they continued to search him for no logical reason. they then lifted him by his shoulders and i knew nik felt the pain because his faced twitched. and i knew the officers did that intentionally. nik kindly asked the officer to please watch his shoulder because it was broken/sprained. the officer ignored that. they then put pressure on his neck and he also informed them that he has a bad neck from an accident also. they simply replied with "stfu or ill put more pressure".
i was observing all of this and i told him when i got out i would be doing an affidavit attesting to the events that was taken place. the lady officer behind me told me to shut up and look at the wall. i told her "I don't take orders from PUBLIC SERVANTS". she never said anything else. Somewhere also in here i heard a comment saying soemthing like "great a fucking recruit"
they then took him away and that was the last time i saw nik. they were dragging him away and i heard that they would put him in a cell.
they then went to me and didn't even bother asking for my last name and commented "this fucking dick again" so they just thrown me into the bull ring or whatever you call it. i then started to talk to other people on how to defend themselves and some ideas. a woman came from salvation army asked me if i need council and i informed her that i needed to leave as i haven't been adequately fed. 30 minutes later i seen the duty council and she told me that i will be released today, no bail. they told me(finally) what i was being charged with. she began asking me for my last name i told her i don't have one. she then asked me whats the last name on the SIN that i carry. so i told her. she then asked the date of birth i use for record purposes so i gave it to her informing her that this is not mine. she knew what i was doing and she in the end supported me as she felt what the cops were doing lately were completely unjustified.
i was then returned to the cell and was held until noon where i went for my first court appearance. the room before the court i was encountered with an officer that
was threatening me to "not fuck up". i informed him that i again don't take orders from public servants. he was enraged but didn't want to do anything because the camera was pointing at us. so he dragged me downstairs and put me into the court room. there was 2-3 other people in front of me and they did their thing the conventional way. when it reached to me and they asked if i was mr.hill. i said "on and for the record i am in fear of my life-" is all i managed to say and then they dragged me out the courtroom and back in the back room. what i wanted to say was "on and for the record i am in fear of my life and under extreme protest and duress i am mr.hill.
they immediately pulled me out, ripping my favorite shirt and while going up the stairs i blacked out due to exhaustion and hunger. i got on the main floor and the officer asked for my medical condition so i told him and then threw me in a cell with no cameras and no one else in there and proceeded to assault me several times.
there was about 6 officers there all assaulting me. they kicked my ribs my back above my ass(where the liver is), my face and other areas. it was about 45 minutes later they then dragged me down again. one of the officers told me to do EXACTLY as he instructed me to do or else they will assault me again more severely. so i went down the elevator and went to the room before the court and the officer there instructed me to go at the other end of the hall and go left. so i did, i was then locked in a room and while they were locking it i heard the officer said "thats pretty funny. fucking pieces of shit plebes". this infuriated me but i was too weak to think straight because of deprivation of food. to also note i do have a technical medical condition called hyper metabolism, which i can consume foods and need to eat on a normal day 3x more, but since i was enduring hardships and stress the metabolic rate was accelerated much higher. they then took me out of that room and i went down the stairs. i blacked out going down the stairs and the officer held me in the back by pulling my shirt. i went into court again for the second time. they asked me if i was mr.cahill. i wanted to correct him and just play their game and say i was mr.hill but i only managed to say "no i am not". they then pulled me out again, dragged me into the cell where they assaulted me and proceeded to taze me with 6 tazers AT THE SAME TIME. i cannot describe how painful that experience was. it must have been 30 minutes that i was still having spasms. after i got rid of the uncontrolled convulsions i was going through an anxiety attack. i was shaking uncontrollably i was still passing out from the hunger. it wasn't much longer after that i decided to just strictly play their game for the fear of my life. they took me into court around 2:30 and i played their game. the officer was unsurprisingly very nice in court and escorted me to the reserved bench when i had to sign the release forms. since the 3 officers were glaring at me waiting for me to pull a move i decided to just sign it normally.
after that i was finally released and i was free to go. after that is well, just meeting up with other people and explaining what happened. i immediately took the next train home back to windsor.
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