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Chilean Prayer

214 and counting,

humans call upon humans.

Do as thou wilst, yet;

let's not be masked brethren/sisdren,

Solidarity in the Face of Oppression!

Whether weather will weaken we; we cannot sea.

Open our ears to the buzz of the bee,

If it's whispered: "Follow." Do Not Disagree!

Now I dare you foundations,

United Nations,

in the name of the Haitians,

Ask us for our loonies, ask the same of the sane...
They're sayin' without sprayin'...
"This is a sick game."
Who controls the blue in our skies?
Who contorts the blues in our eyes?
Who has us by the concord grapes?

Unification of men and snakes.

♥ - Sweet-Bittered-Bee - ♥
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