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Need Say no more....I want to see this man get a hug from Omar when he comes home.
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Truthers for Obama

It seems to me like all these movements 'We Are Change', 'Truth Action' and 'The 911 Truth Movement' are all very much behind the new President Obama and VP Biden. Being Canadians most of us say its unrelated affairs....with some magical swipe of oversight. The growing amount of information available on the internet today is astounding. After 1 month of research into many of the aspects of these movements, including infiltrating the whole movement itself, I have found a passion for information. Most of the people of these organizations pride themselves on their abilities to be subtle. The Softest Thing Overcomes the Hardest Thing. Not my quote, but it makes sense. All this Hate for Obama, is real....and it can be felt even here in Sunny Springtime Canada. However, I feel the change through watching Jesse Ventura these last couple days on most major TV interview shows. This ain't Politics anymore.

Obama, you can do it man! They thought they had Kennedy, but they didn't. No Fear man, there are people around you who know and will protect you. I know it's not too late.

"The only thing necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing" ~Edmund Burke


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