We Need More Women

Truth Action for the month of July was do I put it...Summerific! Summer Summertime...the women of the world certainly want free clothing. Perhaps some inspired exercise and emphasis for 911 Truth will help get the energy that is needed to encourage this much needed change. The Truth Force is certainly enveloping the darkest parts of our world from the inside out, like the problem never ever really existed.

911 Gone Wild!

'You Have Been Robbed" & "This Is A Heist" are showing up all over town. With the signature word "Heist" being painted all over Ottawa. I can see the people waking up to something like they have been slapped. Those that follow the ones who awaken are the ones themselves. We are all the One. I quote almost everyday a message I received from the stall wall in the Boys bathroom of Mike's Place Bar at Carleton University; "Everything I have is Stolen"...

I am finding the love is growing, everywhere I look. The Truthers are becoming more family oriented. From general Youtube comments and Internet Inforwar sites I am seeing the 4 letter word show up everywhere. Everyone is saying they love stuff. Its Growing! I can feel it from here!

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