We Gone West

Well we are here, in Vancouver...the home of the 2010 Olympic Games. It is not in the papers or on the news but it should be that this town is awake. There is so much going on about the truth behind the olympics its nuts. There are buildings mysteriously burning down with McDonalds showing up in their stead. Today apparently there was a large amount of people doing something via the message of riding the skytrain in their underwear...?!! No Idea.

For us this has been quiet the synchronistic trip, always seeming to give us what we need moments before we think we need it. Meeting certain people on the same sort of travels and experiences from all over this planet. We ate yesterday for free, Lunch. Amazing. Going to post a video expressing our gratitude. So much learning...sorry not much time to post. Getting loads of footage though. Hope it makes a nice story. Frankie, Kanaska, Zack and myself thank the Universe.

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