November 2009


Gates out of the CO2 Garden

We Are Change San Francisco put together this great compilation video on Climategate. The Rabbit is out of the Hat!

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Al Gore Sued By Over 30,000 Scientists For Global Warming Fraud

The creator of The Weather Channel on FOX, this video is awesome! Go John Coleman! Now spread this far and wide! Climate change is out of the hat! The rabbit is running around and all we have to do is point and say "Fraud" a magic trick gone very wrong! We want our climate back, and all the taxes etc that have been imposed thus far! Planting trees should be the only way to offset CO2...The world will not end! Not no way, not no how!

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Canada Day Give Away!.m4v

This Last Canada Day in the city of Ottawa the 911 Truth team set out to help inform Canadians about the SPP, what happened in Montebello and the Architects and Engineers of 911 Truth.

Free DVD's of 'The Nations Deathbed'. Perhaps next year we will be giving out copies of 'United We Fall' currently in the works over at Press for Truth.

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The Fifth Estate since CBC is having Tech Issues...

Richard Gage from is the only part I managed to see last night as there were things that needed doing. Watching it now and thanks to Steeper33 we have the 5 part show. Enjoy Truthers!

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TheTrutherMom Cares!

TheTrutherGirls does her own research and reports on it because she cares. Do you care to do your own research? Don't believe everything you see or read...William Cooper imparted this in us. We need to each learn and apply what we know for sure, by living out the truths that we are because of that knowledge. Being not that which we have seen and have no desire for, all the while living on that edge that makes us feel alive rather than asleep and living in a dream filled with hate. Its a padded room, but its not a nice place.

Knowledge is proud that it knows so much; wisdom is humble that it knows no more.
~William Cooper

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Richard Gage Lecture Highlights - Montreal 9/11 Truth - April 18th,2009 -

Richard Gage will be featured on The Fifth Estate this Friday evening at 9pm EST. So glad I attended this conference on April 18th...changed everything for me. What did I know for sure before Richard Explained it so nice...nothing. Now I know 911 needs further investigation from the public if necessary!

"The only thing necessary for evil to succeed is that good Men do nothing" ~Edmund Burke

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Evidence -- Police provoke Violence at SPP protest


Public, not Police Inquiry! Getting smarter everyday people!

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Many Canadians will support This Man, if you have relatives in Toronto please let them KNOW! Just allow them that chance!
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Changing Climates

Facist Security Guards in Toronto protecting Al Gore...from Press for Truth!
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Already eaten after not add water!!!

Busy night, lots of topics! Regarding Climate change and my old Hero David Suzuki, this image from Sheep Society Blog is so priceless we just have to share it!
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Do you know how powerful you really are?

The Channel of Robert Menard is an essential sub!

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TTS gets shut down and goes to the streets!

Great Channel, everyone should subscribe to:

The Toronto Truth Seekers went out to represent Canadians who do not support Al Gore and the lies that are being uncovered about the Global Warming Situation. The were told to leave and threatened IMHO, from what I have heard from second hand. The Truth rises faster when there is a force suppressing it!

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Grasshoppa's on Facebook

Become a fan on facebook if you want

Interviewing Paul Manly tonight for his work about the SPP, and you and I too apparently...

Or watch some of our movies on finditherefirst and ecriptic. Thanks, Peace!
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Circus Bread

Bread with Circus November 24th
Straight from the Yukon Canada, a new friend of Grasshopper Media deserves some serious attention. All connections in this growing network are leading to faster learning and more discussion on solutions to this infowar. Please listen, most especially about Sarah Palin. This guy is priceless!
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I stand corrected or at least in awe. I met a man today who told me about Freemasonry in a way I have yet to encounter. The virtues of the brotherhood was expressed by this man as truth. I asked a question this morning on facebook about how such an organization could help the community and always take no credit. I do not think an organization or group of people this large could contain a conspiracy of depopulation and terror. I do no longer believe they all may know something about 911 being a conspiracy like the first Mason I met (who revealed himself). When I was at the Guy show in Ottawa back on my second truth action after meeting Richard Gage, I was told by a hairy man that the Masons know about 911 and I should not worry about it. For some reason that made me worry. I worry now only for that man. I feel perhaps with such a large group of Masons here in Ontario alone of 54,000...most of them must be good, after meeting this man today I know at least one is.

If anything, perhaps this brotherhood does know something I don't know about how 911 went down...and the group orchestrating it is so slimey that even their oaths will ensure they bring truth to the surface, about 911 and everything else for that matter!

As I have seen in my travels, through photography and more, freemasonry is everywhere. Hatred for None! Cheers to truth ending tyranny in any way!

What do YOU know for sure?!!

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TrutherGirl Karen

In Montreal on Climate Change...McGill University (eastern Canada center for mind control)...
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Random or not...

Have a look at this image. Let it wash over you a bit. This is made possible by photographing the energy fields in space. The movie "Thunderbolts of the Gods" explains this. Enjoy!

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I know Jack!

It seems to me that we are all in this together. It is only a matter of time before we all reach out to each other for change. Realistically there is no use trying if one thinks they can do it alone because the whole world would be against change to their system of false safety as they are in it. As those who are very much sitting in the pool of conspiracy slowly wake up and join in their own conscious co-creation, it seems to me that those who go back to sleep are finding it hard to remain so as there are so many awake and aware individuals hell bent on changing their worlds...saving themselves. The influences of the sleepwalkers are no longer the driving force. Through fear they are no longer enticing people to stay inside, lock your doors and get security cameras installed. Instead Nature is becoming the focus. No longer will people ignore thier one and only true calling; To Be. In Peace. Like the Trees!
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From The Only Thing Necessary

Because half-a-dozen grasshoppers under a fern make the field ring with their importunate chink, whilst thousands of great cattle, reposed beneath the shadow of the British oak, chew the cud and are silent, pray do not imagine that those who make the noise are the only inhabitants of the field; that of course they are many in number; or that, after all, they are other than the little shrivelled, meagre, hopping, though loud and troublesome insects of the hour.

~Edmund Burke

Thats it! We're making now! Thanks to Frankie g...little "G".


"The ONLY thing necessary for evil to succeed, is that good men do nothing!" ~E.B.
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HomeGrown Hero's!

Frankie G is the Man! Same guy who made the flick below. We are not Cattle!

One Love! Feel it!

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Smile Flu

I have a friend on facebook that is spreading a new flu. This new strain is far more contagious than anything we have encountered before, although it has slowly been mutating in our society from the beginning. First encountered in historic times as something to be admonished as evil or misgiving, as it has been used against the people countless times throughout the religious world and the scientific. Most often arising when discovery is made or when one wakes up to their inner potential via childbirth, sexual or mental explosions and even through such a simple act as remembering.

Humanity is at risk of this pandemic growing in size until it entirely consumes us all...well the humans at least...seems the virus cannot be given to dogs or cats as it is only the advanced nature of this 'Turn1Frowndown1' being renamed since the discovery that monkeys are susceptible and anything else that can act like a human and pick up shit (it's own or anyone's) in both hands and then throw it. Or fling it.

Vaccines are being made ready out of anything...every day life has been taken by our good friends at Blendtech, that have been laboring non-stop, and blended with almost anything to simply inject. Its quite amazing as no adjuvents are used and any ingredients will do. Anyone who does not inject themselves with this healthy dose of stress based CURE, just might leave the rest of us in Jeopardy. Simply because if the whole population is not protected from this Smile Flu...It really quite could spread to every corner of the globe, threatening frowning as we know it...Forever!

Everything I write is fiction to you. All I know for sure is 911 was an inside job. Subsequently all the other holographic agendas seem to come to light. We are battling on many fronts...I say drop the guns...put on a wicked fake smile...and let nothing scare you ever again! Why? Cause you can! WE ARE CHANGE! Keep it real...happy!
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First Feature Video for GHM!

Montreal Knows!
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Be like Water

No matter what is happening in the world at like water.

We visited the Toronto Truth Seekers on October 10th instead of 11th as they get to truth work on Saturdays, every Saturday. Setting the precedent on such things as the truth about the swine flu vaccine and the North American Union. Press for Truth was there and the Truth is certainly rising!

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Rad Max is what they call me. This video shown on Ecriptic Channel was at the very beginning for me. The second video is the latest install of Being Change. I'm not always right, but it feels good to not be doing nothing in the very least. What can I do? Thank you world for supporting every breath I take!

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The Montreal affecting the counter...who cares?

Everyone knows already! The world is awake and alive!

There are two follow up video's and coverage on other channels, to sum it up Montreal is in good hands with MTL911Truth.

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