Richard Gage on CBC

Should be CSC (Canadian Spinning Corporation)...not really...but look at how the guy asks the question of Richard Gage about the profs at UQAM...then omits Richards very well though and even emotional answer. I as a person am upset as it is my right due to taxes and such that CBC works for me. I would not be surprised if me and my camera come in contact with the journalist who conducted the interview. There were 3 questions, third being the one about the profs. Then the interview ended. Richard was then asked about the list; were the architects and engineers licensed? Of course! THEN HE ASKS ABOUT THE PENTAGON POLY SCI it was just a random question...then the whole theme of the piece is about the no planes not being an issue but everything else is. This person (the journalist) is artistically responsible no? Anyway, enjoy!

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