March 2010


Paul Martin (NWO puppet) confronted about 9/11

Paul Martin from here on in will be referred to as 'Slimeball'
Why? His eyes saw two planes enter those buildings...thats what Clinton said...gimme a original at least! This guy is definitely on the inside job.

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the Futures of Precious Metals

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Too New Grasshopper Vids
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Michael Ignatief Has a Policy of a Strong Central Federal Government Control of all Taxation.AVI

This guy is full of hot air...No not the We Are Change guy! He's a true Canadian!!! Lets all Rally behind truth and do away with these political non-responces...

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Freeman - London Ontario court March 15th 2010

This could very well be one of the most pivotal points in history to define the police state we are all living in but still so helpless to expose...unless you share this! Share it now! Thank you!

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Night Court +Creditors in Commerce Tribute....

Latest from Cho FreeMan!

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Commerce vs God : How the courts use our name for value

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Tent Decorating 101 with our girl Kanaska
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Peace Bud: Hemp Conspiracy TV Premiere

Nothing puts it so simple as a cartoon!

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Self Ownership -

With everything happening in Ontario such that it is, this video is more prominent than ever! Own your self! Stop giving it in trade for such crappy service. You purchase your own demise (and that of the future) when you do not stand for anything at all...or unknowingly let someone stand for you. HER MAJESTY is not even a person and it is time to take back the torch. Freedom!

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Radiohead - Just

I think 2010 is the year that grasshopper media takes a crack at this radio-head just might work!!!

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moving on

If you like clicking google ads weather you spend the money or it on Tinfoilhatlady's channel would ya?!!

Thanks you!

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Max Radico from Grasshopper Media

Hey look its Me, Max Radico! I love this stuff!!!

Please subscribe to BlackKrishnaverse Channel on Youtube!

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Unbought and Unbosed Radio Interview with Grasshopper Media

What a great day that was, seems like years ago now but its still relevant, lol!
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The Oxford Nursery Rhyme Book

An Owl in an Oak

There was an owl lived in an oak,
Wisky, wasky, weedle;
And every word he ever spoke
Was, Fiddle, faddle, feedle.

A gunner chanced to come that way,
Wisky, wasky, weedle;
Says he, I'll shoot you, silly bird.
Fiddle, faddle, feedle.

Tom Thumbs Picture Alphabet:
U was for Userer; a miserable Elf...
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Fujita 9/11 Presentation Mailed To Canadian MP's

I interviewed my MP about this and the Local News Man Max Keeping. Both showed acceptance but complicity to the action that must be taken. I am almost ashamed to be part of this society. Almost, because there are so many good people doing their duty still...namely the We Are Changers! Thank you brothers and sisters in Truth.

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He's the king of the Paupers

Poem on Money and Banking:
Two notes used in America can clearly show the way,
Both legal tender now down south. They can be spent today:
"United States Note" issued by the nation's Treasury,
And "Federal Reserve Note" which is banker's currency.
Their fronts are very similar except the name they state,
Their backs are very different, it means another plate.
The Treasury provided notes for federal expense,
And taxed them back to balance books with numbers that made sense.

The money from the Treasury was used down south before.
The "Greenbacks" used by Lincoln paid to win the Civil War.
The "Continentals" did their job until King George did state:
"There'll be no use of your own plates, for gold you'll have to wait."
Though we've been told that their revolt was over tax for tea,
Ben Franklin said "The war's because they took our currency."
~John king of the paupers Turmel

TURMEL: An engineering analysis by John Turmel using simple plumbing to show the financial flows in the creation of money by banks.

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