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Hidden from History: Upper Canada Rebellion 1837


Riding the Groundswell: A Report on my Recent Speaking Tour
by Kevin Annett - Eagle Strong Voice

For five weeks starting in late February, I visited fifteen cities across Europe and Canada, and spoke at twenty four public gatherings: in bookstores, community centers, among indigenous people on their traditional lands, and even to a packed Opera House in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The tour was scheduled as a book launch for my just-released "Unrepentant: Disrobing the Emperor", but it quickly became much more than that: as I helped survivors of church torture picket Catholic churches as far away as Copenhagen and Toronto, and served a Public Summons on Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper in Ottawa, and received new endorsements for our International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) from indigenous groups here in "Canada".

What was common, however, was that everywhere, I encountered the same courage and determination in people who I met, and a growing groundswell of support for our campaign to end the reign of terror against our children, our rights, and our planet.

Frankly, my head is still spinning from my tour, so I hope I capture the essentials of what I experienced, and the enormous change that is shifting our world, symbolized perhaps by the earthquakes that rock our planet daily.

Since the tour, I am more hopeful than ever about the future of our work. For one thing, the crowds at our events keep getting bigger: at venues where I had previously spoken, the attendance was twice the size than previously. I was interviewed on national media in Slovenia and Denmark, and local media all over England and Canada. But most important, many more people stepped forward at these events to sign up with our campaign.

As is expected, the attempts to undermine and sabotage our work also increased, primarily in Canada, where gatherings in Brantford and Hamilton were the target of misinformation and smear campaigns aimed at me. This was undoubtedly due to the fact that the area is a center of native activism and support for my work. Fortunately, the organizers at these events spotted the signs and helped diffuse the lies and keep our events on track.

In this regard, one of the more amusing incidents happened in Hamilton, during the waning days of my tour, when the local police informed the organizers of my talk at Mohawk College that an "undercover" cop from their "hate crimes" division would be present at my lecture to monitor what I said. In response, many of you wrote to the Hamilton police challenging this obvious intimidation tactic, and I myself asked the head cop in question whether his department was also investigating the churches that murdered local native children with the same interest.

He hasn't replied to me.

During that same week, I was delighted to speak to a wonderful class of Catholic high school students near Toronto, many of whom want to sign up with our work to hold their own church accountable for its ongoing crimes against children. Their support, like that of traditional Catholic college students in Cork, Ireland where I won a public debate with a Vatican official last year, indicates how much the church is a trembling house of cards, behind its image of solidity.

It was also a high point on my tour when I was presented with the Two Row Wampum Belt by elders of the Kanien'keha:ka (Mohawk) Nation near Montreal, and, as part of their endorsement of our ITCCS, was authorized by them to bring the message of the Two Row Wampum to my people. This Belt was the original treaty of equality between Europeans and the Mohawks which was abrogated and violated by the English Crown. Undoing the genocide of residential schools involves, I believe, the re-establishment of the Two Row Wampum, and the dis-establishment of the Crown of England and its false jurisdiction.

I am resuming the next phase of my tour in mid April - hey, two weeks is plenty of rest for me! - when I return to Ontario, and then back to London, England on May 7. I will be based in London throughout the summer and into the fall months, and will travel from there all over Europe and North America.

During those months, I will be helping organize our September Tribunal in London and building up the networks that will sustain our campaign, especially among groups of survivors all over Europe. We have a promise of support from politicians in Italy and Ireland, and from the same German-based media group that has broadcast our film Unrepentant to over 10 million viewers since August. We also recently received a generous financial offer from a donor to sustain our campaign and pay for travel costs.

We now have five local groups in Canada, two in Ireland, five in England, one in Australia, and two each in Denmark and Slovenia, that endorse our ITCCS hearings in the fall, and most of which will be holding forums of their own to coincide with the Tribunal. In these gatherings we will be composing the indictments by which we will bring to common law trial and sentencing those persons and institutions that planned and continue crimes against children, the earth and indigenous people.

We have a growing legal advisory team that will be guiding this aspect of our campaign, but we also look to indigenous elders and survivors of genocide in many countries to help determine the course of our work. We are part of an enormous work in progress, the future of which is in your hands.

In that regard, I have reprinted below recent you tube postings of events related to my tour, including the endorsement from the Mohawk Nation at Kahnawake near Montreal.

I want to end by thanking all of you for your tireless efforts at hosting me and making the recent tour possible, and for preparing for the months ahead. More news and details are forthcoming.

As a survivor of the first residential school in Canada near Brantford said to me at my last public talk this week, as she embraced me,

"I didn't want to trust you because you're a white man. But after listening to you I don't think that anymore. I've been waiting for what you're doing my whole life and I ain't gonna be silent anymore about they done to us."

We are overcoming. Thanks my friends.

Kevin Eagle
Kevin Annett serves Public Summons on Canadian Prime Minister for Crimes against Humanity
Declaration of sovereignty

Statement of Endorsement from Bear Clan, Kahnawake territory, Mohawk Nation

March 21, 2011
Greetings Kevin Annett,
As Kanien’keha:ka Women of the 5 Nations Confederacy, we recognize that you, Kevin Annett (Akweks Rowen:na’shatste)/”Eagle who has a strong voice” carry the spirit of the mighty eagle whose duty is to warn the people of any impending danger or irregularity.

Anyone who works to re-establish the balance between the peoples for the protection of our Mother Earth/all of our relations in the natural world is welcomed under the protection of the Great Law of Peace. We acknowledge that you carry a good-mind and we entrust you with the right to display and spread the original message of the Two-Row Wampum Peace Treaty to the peoples of our Mother Earth.

As was explained to you during your visit with us, the Two-Row Wampum Peace Treaty originated from the spiritual realm at the beginning of creation. Representing two equal but opposite powers that shall never touch but work in balance in which the natural world was created. The Two-Row Wampum Peace Treaty Belt only took physical form as the official symbol and record when the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga and Seneca Nations established the original agreement of our relationship with the Dutch in 1616; and subsequently was established with the British, French and United States of America.

The white wampum background represents, purity and peace; and the two purple wampum rows represent the two parallel paths: the non-Native society’s belief and laws and our way of life in accordance with the natural laws; symbolizing that both societies agreed to live side-by-side as sisters and brothers and that neither is to legislate over the other or be a detriment to our shared environment. Although the governments of the other nations on the opposite side of our Two-Row Wampum Peace Treaty have hidden from their people and seriously breeched this original agreement, this agreement shall last for all time to come. In addition to honoring that balance in our official cycle of ceremonies, from time to time, the 5 Nations Confederacy will recite the message of the Two Row Wampum belt to the people so that generations to come will never forget. Our ancestors understood that the non-native society had to be nurtured back into balance. Therefore, when it is seen that the non-Native society becomes a detriment to our Mother Earth then it is our obligation to remind them of our original agreement, the Two-Row Wampum Peace Treaty.

So long as you shall walk the land with your only allegiance to truth and righteousness on the path to re-establish balance on our Mother Earth as this is the truth that is found in the natural world you are welcomed to utilize our official symbolism in your efforts to remind the governments of other side of this agreement in efforts to restore humanity.

With peace, power and righteousness, we honor and stand in solidarity with you and are grateful that you have accepted to carry the original message of the Two-Row Wampum Peace Treaty on your path.

In the Spirit of Truth,

The Women’s Fire
(Kahawinon:tie, Wakskarewake)
Cheryl Diabo, Bear Clan
Kahnawake Kanien’keha:ka Territory
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Kevin Annett - Canadian Genocide/Crimes Against Humanity! PM Harper Serv...

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