Canadian Senator - Bill C-6 is UnConstitutional

History in the making. Thank you to George Furey for keeping constitutional ideals in the forefront. Doing his personal duty just may inspire some more of these elected officials to take some time to think about what they are doing to their constituents. Human Rights Above all Acts and Statutes!

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Canada Day Give Away!.m4v

In Ottawa, just one of the cities this last Canada day, giving away free copies of "The Nations Deathbed" to help inform fellow Canadians about such things as the SPP, what happened in Montebello and 911 Truth.

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Rollin Human Rights.m4v

The Outspoken Wordsmiths need to be thanked. When I met them in Booster Juice, Bank Street Ottawa, I had no idea the immensity of how much simple expression of Freedom is the solution to all this government interference in our lives. The power is ours, we must stop asking 'elected officials' to do our duties for us. For more information on becoming legally Free from Slavery visit

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