The Subversive...

Just off the west of the center of Canada there is a city that I personally had never stopped to visit. Saskatoon I drove by once while driving back from Edmonton to Ottawa. We pulled in yesterday afternoon right into DownTown....the energy and good feelings were all around. We started doing our thing...and we met some really amazing people...pretty much got the afternoon city goers to converse, debate and even join with us. There are a load of smart people in this city and it has a lot to give in the form of Peace. Less than one month after 9/11, 2001 there was the above statue placed in the shopping area. Satyagraha is in full force. I walked into CBC radio and ended up actually speaking with the production manager. She was interested but wanted Saskatoonians that were involved. in this town...there is a lady...with a Tin Foil Hat. She teaches us that conspiracy theory and fun need to weave a web of change that can and will liberate the world from the Tyranny that is becoming all too apparent. Feel the beat! We Love IT!

Please visit The Tin Foil Hat Lady's channel, simply click on the adds to help her generate some revenue, no purchase necessary! Make sure you watch the video's too though ;)!

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