July 2011


Farmer George Press Release


Friday, July-08-11
Bail Denied for Farmer George Hugh

At the Bothwell Manor on Hwy 26, what was a tilled garden with newly planted vegetables just a few months ago is now overgrown with weeds.
George has not been able to work on the farm since April 26.
Nor have his sons been as efficient as usual as they are left to deal with trying to piece back together a broken family amongst a court system which has been battling George for decades.
(Controversial issues with George include the Land Patent Grant Copy issuers in Peterborough Ontario and the Constable Lisa McGinnis alleged perjury over the Farm Tractor Traffic Stop incident of 2009, not to mention numerous other heroic stands spanning over the last three decades.)
This 63 year old farmer should be planting seeds to grow some nice organic healthy food for us locals.
Instead, his hair and beard continue to grow longer and whiter and he is withering away to a skeleton in a 4'x4' hole in the HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank" Walkerton Jail after being accused of Assault with a Weapon by the woman he refers to as "my lovely wife of 39 years, mother to our 8 children".

George misses the bus
First of all, at about 9am, we heard George was not on the morning court bus.
Right away, his paralegal Jane Scharf was calling the prison and the court, pointing out their error as there was a court order on file for this appearance. The bus turned around and picked him up.
(She had also spent half a day prior to this trying to get him out of the Walkerton Jail and transported to the HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank" Owen Sound Jail for this appearance.)

Audio Recording
We once again presented HYPERLINK "" \l "BK179" \t "_blank" Section 136 (2) and (3) of the Ontario Courts of Justice Act to the security police guarding the courtroom. (there were 2 at the lobby and 2 at the court door, with more inside the courtroom. We also showed them a copy of W.G. Howland's ruling.
It is your right in Ontario to record your own court hearing.
George's rights were violated.
It is also your right as press to supplement your notes with an unobtrusive audio recorder.
My rights as a journalist were also violated.
I made lots of notes, but they would be much more accurate and complete if I could supplement with an audio recording like the court does.
When we showed this documentation to the two policemen guarding the courtroom, they were quite surprised and had no idea we had these rights - they were just following orders.
They stopped short of letting us take in recorders though.
They said they could not act just on the photocopies we presented.
"Will this information prompt you to investigate whether you have been asked to follow unlawful orders?" we asked. No comment.
Brochure – Tape Recording Is Your Right In Ontario: HYPERLINK ""
Article – Recording Your Own Court Hearing:

W G Howland Wikipedia – Ruling on Recording in the Courts :
Practice Directive (April 10, 1989)
”Subject to any order made by the presiding judge as to non-publication of court proceedings, and to the right of the presiding judge to give such directions from time to time as he or she may see fit as to the manner in which an audio recording may be made at a court hearing pursuant to s. 146 [now s. 136] of the Courts of Justice Act, the unobtrusive use of a recording device from the body of the courtroom by a solicitor, a party acting in person, or a journalist for the sole purpose of supplementing or replacing handwritten notes may be considered as being approved without an oral or written application to the presiding judge.” Chief Justice of Ontario W.G.C Howland

Hearing delayed till 3:30
George finally got his appearance at 3:30pm.
The judge was abrupt and dangled a carrot - he stated to George that if we couldn't get over this bail hearing before 5 pm, it wasn't going to happen, and George would have to stay in jail till his trial date on July 25.
George was forced to cut his list of those who wanted to be his surety to 2 from 7 as there was no time for all of them to be examined.
Son Justin Bothwell and paralegal Jane Scharfe from Ottawa were the two potential sureties George selected.
The judge also said he was refusing to hear any charter issues on this day.

Also, the judge told George he had to speak for himself, without use of any agents like Justin or his paralegal. (which was not even applicable because Jane was NOT an agent, but a Co-counsel.)
He cited Criminal Code Section 802.(1). Limitation on the use of agents.
Funny... I also notice Section 802.(1) states "unless the defendant is a corporation". Well, if the defendant is BOTHWELL, GEORGE HUGH (the PERSON that has been charged), then BOTHWELL is a CORPORATION and is therefore entitled to use of an agent. Right?
Canadian Criminal Code (PDF file): HYPERLINK ""

George Hugh Speaks
So George was on his own. His paralegal handed him a binder.
He had no time to review it, rather he went to the Bible, quoting God's words on lawyers and the court staff:
Matthew 23:13
But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.
Luke 11: 52
Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered

Judge Tries to Gain Jurisdiction over George
"Tell me...Do you recognise the authority of the court?" asked the judge to George.
George stated in no uncertain terms, that he was "George Hugh" and
"I will not:
cross the bar
get a lawyer or
personate BOTHWELL"
(this is the “Recipe For Giving Court Jurisdiction Over You” - HYPERLINK "" )
"I do not believe I have to be forced into your jurisdiction."

It is a fact that any contract must have consent (and full disclosure).
George does not wish to contract with the court.
It can't be forced upon him.

Almost a Brawl
At one point, we were ordered out of the courtroom so George could consult with Justin.
As we all stood up, a man in a suit known as 'Greg Byers' (City Police case worker) got tough with George as George tried to talk.
"Do you have a problem with me?" snapped Mr. Byers as he made a forward move at George.
I was not expecting a brawl to break out but I think if George could have gotten out of that prisoners box, he would have given this 40-ish fellow a run for his money.
This is the same cop that George claims beat him up on Nov 30 2009 in the court house, along with Robert Morrison and Robert Hawkins under instruction of Judge Thompson.
Also, one of George's new supporters, wearing a "No Consent No Jurisdiction, I am not that LEGAL FICTION" T-shirt, claimed he was injured by a "Special Constable" when pushed to leave.

Synagogue of Satan, Pagan Theatre
The fellow acting for the Crown, Michael Martin, referred to some specially selected lines from an old court transcript (the Farm Tractor Traffic Stop) where George called the court a "Synagogue of Satan", and a "Pagan Theatre" amongst other things.
Michael, (or Mr. MARTIN), claimed George could not be trusted, even as far away as a seven hour journey from Ottawa, from coming after Azelda.
Fact is, George has a perfect track record for following all court orders and dates, and there have been many.
When comments arose about some kind of movement George was participating in, George said that we are all of a movement under Yahweh. (God's name is Yahweh).

The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth
George made a wonderful speech at the end, which prompted clapping from the audience and tears to eyes. (this prompted security police to attempt to remove her from the court).
George said he wants the court to "get to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth" and that Martin was attempting to break up the family unit. George spoke of Martin's own family breakup.

Organic Milk Farmer Michael Schmidt Refused Entry to Court
Michael Schmidt came to see George's show.
He was refused entry after not submitting to a search.
Everyone coming to see the show was body searched with a wand and had their bags searched for audio recorders (box cutters were OK though).
Apparently, the Owen Sound Court implements the Public Works Protection Act for all George's shows.
Could a bunch of bible-following Truthers with audio recorders (witnesses) be that much of a threat to the court?
When the Judge called a 15 minute recess just prior to releasing his decision on Bail,
a handful of the audience members went out for some fresh air.
They got locked out - disallowed re-entry into the court building by a policeman.
They were unable to witness the judge's ruling.
Is this not a public building where witnesses are welcome while court is in session?
About Michael Schmidt: HYPERLINK ""

Coming Up
George Hugh's legal team is appealing his bail hearing in Toronto at Osgoode Hall, but only if they receive the transcripts in time from the Owen Sound Superior Court.
Since there have already been delays of almost two months to get George his transcripts, hope looks dim, but who knows...maybe they have some help in the background!

As it Stands
George remains in custody...the Owen Sound Jail for now.
Please watch for a date in Toronto, we'll announce it here.
And mark Monday July 25 on your calendar to attend his trial in Owen Sound.

Thanks for paying attention!
Please circulate to any law students, police and politicians in your family, ask them if they know how a man can be imprisoned so long without evidence or being proven guilty of anything, for what is appearing to be nothing more than a spousal spat gone sour, and quick errors in judgement, that are not easily reversible, and continue to snowball.
There must be more to it than that.
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