Collective Soles Marching to What End Again?

In this grand adventure within a grand adventure I would call my life, I feel I am learning about love through my desire to document fear. The initial intention of a movie entitled 'Canada Knows' was to document that we know about 911 and the possibility of something coming to "End Times". As we discuss in private and now in public those theories that make us embrace our personal histories that quite often lead to more clues about what we know for sure, I am finding we know much more as individuals...those who have become simply aware of themselves and the impact of their presence even to the most definite end that we symbiotically feed the trees like they feed us.
Perspectives in this so called movement of truth are quite varied yet commonality is shown. In times of need as in times of hunger one is hell bent on stating what they know for sure, real or not. With a desire to save the world, as it is their own that is being threatened. Not only can one person not defend themselves alone, an army of persons would not solve this either, it is almost a coming together of separateness. A desire to believe what one knows for sure rather than what one has been informed to do or about.

I feel I am not a resource for anything but the same as debunkers. I am not an architect or a first responder. I was not in New York then or have I ever visited what I feel to be a phenomenal gathering of individual minds. A community like no other yet no different. The rights of New Yorkers are not what they should be. The denial of a referendum for that community after they have spoken up by taking that step to say what they want, is downright inhuman. Where do we go from here if diplomacy is ignored.

Please don't riot. That is why they keep poking us with sticks. Violence is never the answer, especially to those that oppress. Fire stokes the Fire.

Could we resolve to stop the fighting? Can we work together without thinking that togetherness enhances that force and it should be used. I feel this is a new thing that I am reporting on. A newness that self polices. No One wants to be a part of violence. Just the same as someone who debunks 911, they are simply ignoring their personal choice to listen.

Almost as tragic as those 3000 not feeling one iota of justice. What if they are watching and are among us? Not that I definitely believe it to be so. But what if?

Everyone wants to play that game. I like to think I'm on the side of truth. And truth don't take sides.


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