September 13 Montreal 911 Truth

Tam Tam's today is a weekly occurrence in the great city of Montreal. We have been invited, and will probably show up with the Camper. Perhaps we will have a new batch of sharpies involved...colour of course! This trip is taking a life of it's own. Only on the road (again) for less than 48 hours and it seems that as much as one tries to control, control controls you. September 11th in Ottawa at the Satyagraha Conference is truly something that cannot be put into words...or even individual actions. These people at the forfront of change are feeling something new. There is a unity coming from somewhere and it is a thing that can never be measured. Those connections that are making the world grow to a new place of conscious more of this waking up to a world that spits in your face. If we all work and sing and dance...Its All Good.

Andrew Moulden last night at the Palais de Congres in Montreal revealed a new level to his claims about vaccines and the 'industry' setting the standards for poor health and...even being the orchestraor of a continued industry based on illness. Bad Science...mixed with a lack of proper questioning in the past...has made for this revelation to take place at this time in history. Surely the truth is forcing it's way out of the fire. It's so hot you gotta pass it on!

We named the Camper. Her name is Bernice. Send her Love!

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