Don't Argue with Fools. People from a distance cannot see who is who. Family up close can't see much either...they got blinders on. They find the shortest distance between what they want and whats going on to be that you are crazy. That's cool.

I'm finding more and more the people who call people crazy are the ones I should not speak to...and they end asking questions all the right questions later. Everyone has a different set mind frame that sometimes resists the penetration of truth. They believe everything to be lies and include you.

They wish for things to remain simple. They wish to cognitively dismiss. No Matter. Really. Don't let it get to you or they will lock you up. In the basement, forget prison.

Practice softness with those you love, especially about your passions. When you have sheep as family members it happens that there is simply a lot of jealousy going around. Really, sometimes it's so deeply rooted and hidden the only way to expose it is to get an outside opinion or ask the person directly. Unfortunately most of our family's have friends in the world that reinforce anything. And professionals. And professional friends, oh my. Goodness isn't that sky blue today! I cannot disagree...

They tell us things specifically like; "That's your opinion and I'm entitled to mine" and then a sentence later "I'm concerned about you, and you give me no way to do anything about it". But they cut you off halfway about how awesome the new scientific evidence is that came out April 10th about Nano-Thermite...The hypocrisy is apparent for Truthers. And we love our family. People who are peaceful and righteous all do this for the kids on some level, even their inner ones.

We end up arguing with Mom and Dad about the House being on fire, whilst staying inside to suffocate with them. We scream at our siblings to take their hands off the stove, and they tell us its the best way to feed the kids by burning this really pretty spiral in our hands...see look! The System has been invited to get on this big ARK, in fact become the Arc to bridge over these troubled waters. If the whole city is on stilts floods can come and go. Lets Elevate!

Here Not the Moon. Blue Angels are Real!

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