So today was a up and down day. Zack and I did more demolition construction work to help earn the gas fund. We had a blast...just wait. DHMR Knows...and Rocks! Sage Marco! We are downloading his Ipod tomorrow for Road Trippy Tunes.

Only bad part of the day was when I was chatting with a paramedic in line at Tim Hortons...mentioned Swine Flu...he said its just a regular flu not to be feared any more than the regular I asked him if he knew anything about the vaccine. He said and I quote "Go drink your coffee sir and go about your day." "Pardon" I say. He gives me a broom sweeping gesture like I haven't been doing just that all day. I then ask him why he is all of a sudden rude...he then tells me to leave him alone. So I go outside and wait for Zack to come out the dep. Zack, keep me calm. He comes out with his partner. I approach him to simply ask again why he does not want to talk about it...he cuts me off as I am saying this and says "I'm going to call the cops for harassment." WTF!?! I swear to god and her eternal soul that this guy was the crazy one. But that's just my opinion, I guess.

I swear Montreal gets more beautiful every minute I spend here with my eyes open. The art on the walls stands out to not only me! The local cops love taking pictures too!


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