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I love you all! Yeah, that is what it is down to. Perhaps I know you, perhaps I do not. The lists are getting less personal as we all expand our outreach in whatever way we can. It is natural to begin to feel like there is a disconnection as one grows their 'friends list', twitter account, youtube subscribers and any other 'what have you'. However the connections are what counts. They do provide for synchronistic events to take place. This is what has always been the saving grace for the people of truth. Those that put themselves out there as ones that will not sit down and have the TV tell them that everything is OK, when clearly it is not.

Here in Montreal we have started getting creative. We are producing things quickly and cheaply. Objects slightly 'truthified' somehow to be given to those who know, so they can remember. A bag with 911 photography, or a used shirt of any kind with a quote, logo or anything Truthy. We know that supporting the dollar stores and Walmarts is not what we want. However the damage is done. Less is more.

"Which a ma Call it"'s any one can do. We can give gifts to one another that transcend that information giving. There are those of us who know and those connections must be strengthened. Personally I wish money flowed to the righteous so that they would give back. In fact that is what is happening as the money is sucked dry. What will be the blood of currency when it all runs out? Will we simply still give in to the government as a baby to a babysitter...or have we grown? We do have choices here.

We have received a partial unofficial sponsorship from New World Conspiracy (,, as anyone can do with other business'. We will have an assortment of the clothing line seen on the website. All black shirts, you can order from the site, which is preferred of course as we will have limited quantities.

Also, and it is not an attempt to defame the Truther name, Grasshopper Media is available for anyone to use. You do not have to be a Truther to be a Grasshopper but the focus tends to be that as 9/11 truth. The logos, the laugh, the label, are able to be used for anyone wanting to start a vlog about truth or simply likes the idea of waking up the ants. They work so hard for their gucci shoes...winter is coming. This idea is not a selling point. Everything is a selling point. We hope to simply inspire anyone and everyone to create their own thing. Always respecting non-conditionality can ensure the individual the ability to be a part of something without being forced to think like the group.

Example: "What do you know for sure?"

"Think for yourself, Question Authority" "They are historians that write a non-existent history" "Truthers are some of the BEST people I know"

Any good or pride you bear witness too, should be returned, to the movement from which it came. Personally I am ever growing in just that, through seeing all of you, doing and being. And Myself. Thank you, again and again!

Reward yourself always. Just look where you are!

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THE Cameron Man

When I met Cameron back in June...hell its ineffable! Just watch these priceless grasshopper vids. Truth is rising...T Minus 2 hours to impact on the moon.

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