This Saturday with Karl Jones: Answers & Solutions


Message from Karl Jones:

We live in an illusion of choice and freedom where everything is not as it seems, there are many who are becoming aware of this and those who still do not see it…!!!! More still who have no wish to see the reality of our system because it suits them to be nannied by it.

Who thinks our world is working just fine and everything is as it should be..? If you think everything is just great then you won’t want to hear what I have to say. I might add that you really should anyway even Michael Jackson knew…
If you think something is not right in the world but have not been able to figure it out. If you’re like me I expect you have many questions… I’m happy to say I may have some answers for you.
What is Money… do you know..? Where does it come from..? What influence does it have on our daily lives and what’s more does it control our lives and if so, how does it control us..?
What are taxes..? Why are we taxed..? Why do the taxes keep going up and up.. ? What are laws..? What are statutes..? What does it mean to register your child, your car.. ?
If you’re curious or absolutely looking for the answers to these questions and more then join me and let me give you my perspective and point you to answers to questions you haven’t even thought of yet and in the process maybe I can answer some of the questions you do have.
Bring your friends, bring a pen/pencil and a notepad, or better yet a recorder. I want you to take notes and be prepared to be involved in an education, not a lecture.!!!

The event is to be held Sat 28th May in Arnprior, 2pm. Please reply with numbers for those interested and the location will be furnished to those attending. Please forward replies to Karl of-the Jones-family


Max Radico
Karl Jones
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