First Day of Swine School

This week marked the return to school for Ontario students. The week previous was coined WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ! Anti-Forced Vaccination Demo - Ottawa Aug. 28th to 30th, 2009. There were posters given out around the city and some put up at the local schools, Grasshopper media covered the later.

H1N1, Vaccines and Pandemics: What the media is not telling you

1. H1N1 is being called a “pandemic”, however experts only agree that they have NO IDEA how bad or how lethal the H1N1 virus will become, or if it will become lethal at all. They are merely speculating. Symptoms have been relatively mild with few fatalities, and of those, most had previously existing conditions and compromised immune systems. Even if it does recombine and become more lethal in future waves, what is more likely to help you, strengthening your natural immune system, or injecting toxins into your body?

2. What's in the vaccine? Like virtually all vaccines, the H1N1 flu vaccine will likely contain the following ingredients: Thimerosol, (Mercury), Polysorbate 80, Triton X100 (detergent), Aluminum Gels, Formaldehyde, Anti-biotics, MSG, Sulfites, Egg Protein, Tissue from aborted human (or animal) fetuses, live or dead viruses, and Adjuvants, including Squalene which can all lead to serious side effects, as they break down the human immune system. For this very reason, Squalene has been used in biological weapons. It has also been linked to Gulf War Illness. There are too many chemical ingredients and side-effects to mention here. But is it any wonder that the most health care workers do not take them, and that they oppose any notion of “mandatory vaccinations”? So why are you being encouraged to take them ? Who does it really benefit?

3. Why are the vaccines being promoted? Why all the fear? There is BIG money involved. Stocks in Pharmaceuticals have soared since the outbreak began. Curiously, one of largest manufacturers, Baxter, actually patented the Swine Flu vaccine in 2008. How did they know this would be necessary and profitable? Good question! A number of scientists have stated that this combination of human-swine and avian flu strains could not occur in nature; that the H1N1 virus may be a bio-weapon that may have been either accidentally or intentionally released from a lab. Virtually all serious modern pandemics were the result of vaccines.

4. Some history: The so-called Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918, which killed 40 to 50 Million people did NOT start in Spain, but rather, at Fort Riley in the USA. The spread seemed to follow a world wide vaccination against smallpox. What killed the victims was called a “Cytokine Storm”. (Google it!) Did you know that in the past decade, scientists actually dug up cadavers of 1918 flu victims that were buried in the frozen north to obtain virus samples, allegedly to develop vaccines against potential new outbreaks?

5. Some more history: In 1976, following a limited outbreak of Swine Flu in the USA, that began at Fort Dix, a huge propaganda campaign was launched to vaccinate the entire public against a predicted “pandemic” that would kill millions of Americans. Only one death was later officially attributed to the flu. 25 died from the vaccine, while some 5000 people developed severe neurological disorders before the program was halted. Many people warned against the hysteria and risks, but sadly, it fell on deaf ears. Do we need to repeat this?

6. We have choices, right? For now, you do have a choice to take the shots, BUT that may not be the case in a few months time. The International Health Regulations (IHR) are published by the World Health Organization (WHO). The USA and Canada are signatories to the IHR and recommendations made by the WHO, including mass vaccination programs, are binding upon all signatory nations, and could potentially be used to override national sovereignty and constitutional rights and freedoms. Shouldn't everyone have the right to refuse toxins being injected into them? Bill C-6 is now before the senate and will also provide the federal gov't draconian powers to remove health supplements and possibly to force vaccinate the population.

7. Alternatives Remedies? Protect yourself by strengthening your natural immune system! Avoid junk food, especially sugary food or drinks. Avoid aspartame, alcohol and other drugs. Drink lots of fresh water and eat fresh fruit, nuts and vegetables. Consult your local health food store and homoeopaths regarding supplements. Avoid air travel (due to recirculated air). Go for regular walks (not extreme, depleting work outs) and get plenty of sleep. Wash your hands often with hot water and soap. Take Vitamin C, D, Garlic Oregano, and Colloidal Silver products. If you begin to feel ill, self-quarantine. Store bought remedies may reduce fever, but a fever is what will kill the virus, IF you allow it to ! Tamiflu is proving to be ineffective against H1N1 and dangerous for children and teens. Please research it before you take it.

8. Why are we telling you this? Because we are concerned citizens and neighbours - NOT fear mongers. We will, be counting on you to take good care of yourself and help limit the flu outbreak, which will be good for everyone. We also want to preserve YOUR RIGHT to choose, and want you to support OUR RIGHT to NOT be forcibly vaccinated, should the government decide to make these toxic shots mandatory, based upon recommendations of the WHO, or any other pretext. Let's stop the Flu fear mongering, demand truthful reporting, insist on the right to choose, as well as on the right to natural nutritional supplements that will help us stay healthy. Let's not allow a BIG BROTHER state to develop and decide our health decisions for us !

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