Could this be something to go on?

Watch the video on the left about the 4 pillars...its marked with a Canada Flag.

Canada Knows!

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Hometown Glory

As it is said, sometimes one needs to leave home to change home so that it can be what you want and need it to be. My friends in Ottawa are like no other, I have no enemies although some call me one. I have joined this "Truth Movement" as a outcome of the topics I choose to discuss and the changes I would like to see. Being a "Truther" is a label I obtained far from choice. I remember on May 1st of this Year (Global Love Day) that one large man who walked up to me, took my hand in his enormous mitt and said to me "You Truthers are some of the best people I know". That changed everything. I was perhaps a little skeptical to take on a label that puts me in a group. Because group mentality is not ever going to change anything, only leaders and those who see themselves as one even while in a group perceived to be ONE.

Change Ottawa Blogspot

The love I'm getting from a certain change in Ottawa is greatly appreciated. Almost makes me want to go back...Montreal wants me too, and I would love to set up a team to follow those cops to wherever they supposedly take these guys to get the beats. Camera's are our guns, no one else needs to die. No bullets, but I'm loaded! Thanks to Iris.

Bernice goes on to Kemptville tonight, to converge for the last time on the skirts of Ottawa. Just after she gets a new throttle line. Larry's Lube & Oil in Cornwall Rocks!

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