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FYI – You describe krystalline kraus as “an intrepid explorer and reporter from Toronto Canada. A veteran activist and journalist for, she needs no aviator goggles, gas mask or red cape but proceeds fearlessly into the democratic fray.”
Well I beg to differ, having watched this blond bully over the course of a few years on the streets of Toronto and the course of the controlled opposition exercise commonly known as the Occupy Toronto movement I have come to the conclusion this hulk of a woman is a far way from being a reporter or a journalist and as a real activist in the city I can tell you straight up she is certainly not one of us.

Not only do I and others question her journalistic integrity, I have very grave doubts to her over all sanity! My first clue was on day one of the occupation in St. James Park when I approached her as a fellow journalist and blogger, I introduced myself even though I knew full well she knew who I was and asked her “As a journalist, does not the complete lack of transparency around this movement concern you?” Well I was completely floored by the response I got. Even though we were in a public park with a couple of thousand other people she jumped back and shouted “Go Away, You’re invading my safe space with your aggressive language !” At first I thought she was pulling my leg, but sadly she was not. “In what universe is that question aggressive?” I asked. At that point she just stood back and let he male companion who was half her size play the knight in shining armor and stand up to me. All I could do was laugh and walk away much to her smaller friends relief I’m sure.
In the weeks that followed I have watched her engage in a very public smear campaign against myself and others. Blindly support the leaders of the so called leaderless movement, Bully people out of the movement, sling false accusations of racism and sexism at innocent people and show a blatant disregard for the truth and honesty.
On top of the Lies and slander she flings at anyone who might question the honesty or sincerity of the leaders of the fake occupy movement, Krystalline also spends a good amount of time and effort in causing derision and conflict between the native factions and the white Canadians. Although she tries to pass herself off as a native Canadian in reality she is as native as my Irish grandmother. However this does not stop her from stirring the racist conflict pot and using your rag to it.

It’s one thing for her to use a social networking site like facebook to spew her lies and slander at honest hard working and well respected activists. but quite another when your rag lends it’s legitimacy to her. Your reporting on the Occupy movement is skewed and warped because your so called intrepid explorer is one of the key people perpetrating this hoax on the public.

Any legitimacy your publication may have ever had is now gone due to the way this insane woman has represented your interests concerning the Occupy movement.

===Lawrence McCurry===

Re: Racist Lies

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