"The 21 century emancipation , My Free man perspective" by Sir-Mika Otf Rasila


The 21 century emancipation , My Free man perspective

On September 11th 2001 we were shown the true extent of the governments disregard for human life, We were shown that the rich power hungry elitist egomaniacs will always sacrifice human beings over money . We know that The rockefeller foundation owned the Twin Towers and we know that they as well as Larry Silverstien were being forced to remove the asbestos from those towers at a staggering cost. We know that put options were placed and we know that the gold in the basement of the towers was never retrieved . The US government is run by these same people so naturally they had to go along with it , They also made out like bandits with Cheney's Haliburton getting all the contracts for it's murderous reign on the Middle east, The Bush family got richer , Cheney got richer , every one involved who should have been fired got promoted. The plan was working out perfectly.

Some people knew it was all a lie

Then they went to war with a country that had nothing to do with 911 and the american people accepted this even though by their own propaganda the so called " terrorists " were Arabs and not Iraqi. So with that George Bush senior was able to finally murder Saddam Hussein .

A few more people are starting to see the lies

Then they enacted the Patriot Act which as usual was put in place to protect americans and once again as usual removed many more of their civil liberties under the guise of national security , They were told it had a sunset clause and then the Patriot act II ( as if the first one needed a sequel removed the sunset clause )

Many people are starting to catch on now to what is happening

911 truth and the Patriot uprising starting up slowly , tea parties , militia groups are forming and Website's and social networks are starting to replace the Mainstream media for its news. Truth has been released and people are learning again.

Then you have the military comissions act of 2006 and the US and Canadian governments have basically removed posse comitatus and now allow the policing of its citizenry with military and national guard troops . The Posse Comitatus act was put in place just for this reason . When you allow military to police the people you make the people the enemy .

So now many new forms of Patriot groups are emerging and the majority of people are now critically aware and ready

Freemen , Sovereigns , Guardians of the free republics , Oath keepers all of which have always existed but only since the last few years we have stood out to now demand that these tyrannical practices be stopped. How long can you watch a train approaching a cliff before you do what ever you can to save the people on it from their imminent death ? We now need to all stand together and emancipate ourselves from this criminal government before we all take that journey off the cliff .

We have the numbers although we still need to continue to warn people and continue to educate them.

What we watched unfold at the G20 in Toronto this summer was the clear description of a police state . It is here. We all need to know that if we do not learn to defend ourselves against all enemies foreign and domestic that we will all soon be in chains . Not the chains that are imposed on us as licenses, permits,registrations and Taxes that many may still not realize to be slavery but a true slavery with chains and guns. Since they realize that they can no longer control us through deceit, deception and extortion they are being pushed to climax. We will be expendable when they run out of options as they are very quickly now. The Government is terrified of us now because they can no longer lie to us.

This revolution will not be televised. It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees. We all need to be prepared since the government is now terrified of what they have done . They underestimated us and now they must be made to understand us again as the servants that they are.

Your friend and Common law Patriot/ Freeman .... Mika .
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