I could list video's here that I think you should watch...but that would be a long list and kindof intrusive. Here is a list of channels I think are fun to watch. First is mine, and then some friends. We would love to hear from you on Youtube if you are part of some sort of truth telling!

"Everybody knows that the boat is leaking" Leonard Cohen

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Princes for Truth ~ An Invitation

(Would love help from the world to get this viral, Thanks!)

I am going out on a limb here. I, factually, probably am already out there pretty far. I DO NOT propose that all of the theories I am encountering now are certain. I DO NOT assume that my truth is universal. I DO understand everyone is at different points on the path. However I believe wholeheartedly that we are all on the same path. We do not walk around in our separate forests encountering only unconscious things. We are all on planet Earth, walking around on real soil, water and fire. Surely we choose to live in certain climates and around dangers uncontrolled. I choose to live here in Ottawa, and have lived in other places. Home is somewhere to go to when you need to get grounded. Home is where the heart is. I wish to expand my home to Canada, and then the world. I will always return to Ottawa, as others return to London, Sydney, New York, Moscow, or Hong Kong. But I wish to embrace more. Own less.

The limb I speak of is an invitation I have resolved as the shortest distance between two points. I have been asked by some about the statements I made in a previous post about William and Harry. I do not even know why I was compelled to include such a it is quite off topic. However, now that I think about things that I know for sure and those that I suppose, I conclude that Hope is a word saved for times when action is not warranted. I warrant action on behalf of those who know. Not those who do not know. I ask myself about the people I encounter every day, about how they oppose what I have to say about tyranny in the world and my desire to see it end. To see us all truly equal.

I ask those who know and support the truth what to do. There is too much we can do. There is nothing we can abandon as hopeless. To state a hope means you see only one and it must come. I care not or hope not for this invitation to be accepted. In fact I am not quite sure it is what I want. I want to go on this relay with these amazing people, that is for sure. Would I want a Prince with me? That's huge? Most people who know, would understand my request. Those who do not, will laugh (out loud) that I am trying to get some sort of sponsorship or endorsement from the crown, lol.

My Mother Loved Diana. Vicariously I loved her through my mother. I love people. I heard Harry Loves Canadian Women. Hey, we got something in common! I am more around the age of William but I'm not sure he would be into this. I know I will be learning more about you two now that I am being drawn in this direction. Although it may rest here. I know that those who know...know that you two know even more that I. I know basically nothing, yet it compels me to act and investigate. I am Grassroots, and proud of it. I think myself no better than you. And you no better than me. We stand on the same Earth. We will all go back to it. What are you going to leave behind. Get married already. Or come travel Canada with me. One year. Meet me anywhere. Would love to have you.

The world would know you to be a Hero. Simply by being yourself. would be an awesome trip. Only thing you have to agree with us on, to be a truther is....911 was a controlled demolition. Nothing more. Skating is only an asset. And Finger Pointing is only for those who do not know. And I point no fingers, personally. Unless I know for sure, and I know so little about you and so much about your parents. And the Bilderburgs. So Whats the Plan?

Your Mom is gone, My Dad is Gone. I bet my Mom would have love for you. Would your Dad love me? LOL. Life is but a Dream. Dream Big!

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The Petition

Please, for the love of God...Sign this and make it Viral (Send it every direction you are able).

W9T ~ World 911 Truth
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