All Pain

All Pain No Gain
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2012 Movie Warns of Terror Attack Vancouver 2010 Olympics

Max Radico wants to be Charlie Frost...minus the end of the world. Any suggestions for what may happen in Vancouver 2010? Whatever it is Max Radico will be there with bells on! I'm sure it won't be anything like this blockbuster!

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Monckton vs Greenpeace

If Grasshopping is not doing what Monckton is doing...I quit...where do I sign up to tell the truth...or at least question the so called 'believers'? Who doesn't love facts...oh yeah W.H.O...

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Habeas Corpus Omar Khadr

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Want does not bring Idleness!

On a cold, and frosty day the ants began dragging out some of the grain they had stored during the summer and began drying it. A grasshopper, half-dead with hunger, came by and asked the ants for a morsel to save his life.
"What did you do this past summer?" responded the ants.
"Oh," said the grasshopper, "I kept myself busy by singing all day long and all night, too."
"Well then," remarked the ants, as they laughed and shut up their storehouse, "since you kept yourself busy all summer, you can do the same by dancing all winter."

Moral: "Idleness brings want."

My Take...Did they not understand it was to save his life? What happened to the Insect Charter of Insect Rights and Freedom's?!! Good thing we don't have ants in our society huh...oh wait...the rapidly dwindling endangered 911 debunkers species...I forgot. Sing and Dance my friends!

Speak up. Speak out. Bear witness and be the media!

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