February 2010


Great Radio Show

Please tune in...
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Chilean Prayer

214 and counting,

humans call upon humans.

Do as thou wilst, yet;

let's not be masked brethren/sisdren,

Solidarity in the Face of Oppression!

Whether weather will weaken we; we cannot sea.

Open our ears to the buzz of the bee,

If it's whispered: "Follow." Do Not Disagree!

Now I dare you foundations,

United Nations,

in the name of the Haitians,

Ask us for our loonies, ask the same of the sane...
They're sayin' without sprayin'...
"This is a sick game."
Who controls the blue in our skies?
Who contorts the blues in our eyes?
Who has us by the concord grapes?

Unification of men and snakes.

♥ - Sweet-Bittered-Bee - ♥
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Give it up for Stories about Ants

Thanks to Brigid Kathleen for this recount of why we do not want to be ants anymore...and after reading up on the slavery structure not just of the monarch ant (Queen) I definetly am happy to be a grasshopper singing and dancing...the ant's hopefully will not sleep this winter and join us...Its all metaphor right? But winter is assuredly coming if we don't realize how great it could be if we all do like Toto and simply make that damn wizard show himself...then laugh at the pudgy mother!

Recent observations have proved that the time-honored idea of the ants storing up provision for the winter is a delusion, a delusion which Lafontain's famous fable, "Le Fourmis et la Cigale," ("The ant and the grasshopper") has done much to spread and confirm. It is now known, as we have already seen, the ants will sleep all winter and that the food which we constantly see them laden with is for immediate consumption in the camp. They eat all kinds of insects - hornets and cockshafers are favorite dishes - but the choicest morsel is a fine fat green caterpillar, caught alive. They seize it, some by its head, some by its tail; it struggles, it writhes, and sometimes succeeds in freeing itself from its enemies; but they do not consider themselves beaten, and attack it again. Little by little it becomes stupefied from the discharges of formic acid the ants throw out from their bodies, and presently it succumbs to their renewed forces. Finally, though the struggle may last an hour or more, it is borne to the ant-heap and disappears, to be devoured by the inmates. Perhaps these short 'Stories about Ants' may induce some of you to follow the advice of the Preacher, and 'go to the ant' yourselves for more.

Ants have summer homes where they do the eating and winter homes for sleeping. As a grasshopper I devote my ability to be my brother insects keeper and attempt to stop them from going back to bed (Winter). Once we are awake and out of bed, we shall awaken others by our actions. I'm attempting everyday to become more conscious of mine. The truth is out there and Ima sing and dance about it, if thats ok with you all ;)! Love ya!

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The Solution

The Title says it all!!!

Please Share this with those that have open enough minds to be searching...

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satan at opening ceremony of the 2010 winter olympics ??? WTF?

Yes I think it was Satan...Be Careful people...It's ON!!!

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The NWO Gives You Moobs

Sonia (Thetruthergirls) has a new radio show! And some serious commentary on Moobs!!! I actually had this when I was younger...Plastic Surgeon offered to 'do me' for as low a cost of the spectacular price of five hundered dollars and zero cents...can you believe it? Willy Waller style! (See tetes a Thank god...I cant imagine if I had gone through with the surgery...I would look like...and feel like...what??? This silly undetectable conspiracy is somehow being explained...WTF is wrong with all the bad science!!! Poor Humanity! Lets wake up the planet before we are all Fuct...M'kay? Sound good? Yay!

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Usury Free Nirvana

My first straight up vlog. I have no agenda...I am simply asking for help. There are so many offering it up, and I dedicate all my ability to helping those who ask for help. Give Love people, give love.

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Vancouver 2010 Olympics : Torch Relay / Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminated

Thank You Vancouver! WE ARE CHANGE!!! Arnold will not be back!!! Great historical reference!

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What Is Stoned Monk?

This is so weird....can't wait to chill with dees guys....Can you say Stoned Grasshopper Monks.

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Think for Yourself...

The Subhumans

A combination of work and rest
Keeps your head in a total mess
Just like we're all supposed to be
A part of this sick society
Where they give you a rest three weeks a year
To fill yourself with drugs and beer
The rest of the time it's time for work
The junky turns into a jerk

The government don't really give a toss
Unemployment isn't such a loss
Keep the dole paroles on the poverty line
Or stick em in the army to kill the time
The majority of people are treated like shit
Only the minority realise it
Conformist doctrine, ethical lies
Have you ever seen anyone slowly die?

There's so much crap you can reject
By giving yourself some self-respect
Don't believe what you're told is true
Find out for yourself cos there's only you
Take to pieces your inbred thoughts
Examine the morals you've been taught
Don't believe it, it's all a con -
Everything you think is wrong!

Don't believe it!
But don't take my word for it...
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This just might be...

Letter from Jonathan Sumption Q.C. Re: R (Binyam Mohammed) v. Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwea...

Reading lots on this topic. One of the best excerpts is this:
So sensitive did Miliband regard the judgment that he warned Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, about it in a telephone call on Tuesday night.

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"Really exciting yet scary..."~WP420 has sponsored another video for Grasshopper Media! Our new favorite on Youtube! Thanks to we are getting an even greater increase of support from the community!

"truthers from across Canada meeting and havin some fun. Spreading PEACE not HATRED......STOP THE WAR OF TYRANNY. Do your part and show them we will never give up our FREEDOM!!!" The Freedom Link

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Just Say NO!

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1 Billion for security at the games

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Just how truthful this video is we do not know. We recently visited Winnipeg Manitoba Canada and found an incredible amount of these satellite towers found at 9:26...apparently just installed in the past couple months...

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Peace Officering

Make the bad apples rise to the surface!!!
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Olympic False Flag: Is Top Cop In On It?

Bud Mercer, the Olympics' Top Cop

He was on the frontlines of some of B.C.'s most notorious moments of civil unrest, and now the security of the 2010 Olympic Games -- and the nation's reputation for peace, order and good government -- may well rest on the decisions he makes if tensions arise during the games. Geoff Dembicki of The Tyee and Bob Mackin of 24 Hours Vancouver collaborate on an in-depth four-part series looking at Mercer's controversial past, and present responsibilities.

Globalization Studies:

Above The Law, Part2:

Splitting The Sky's website:

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