Update Gage


Update Gage


I met a man in Montreal. Alive as he could be. He told me stories that were not so great. Yet truth he gave to me. I learned a lot upon that meeting. "A Truther?" he said over tea (beer). "After tonight, how can I not?". I'd have to ignore what my pa said to me. "What do you know for sure?" he'd say. Never an answer I had to give. But on that fateful day. In montreal I met a man. Being Live Explosive Evidence.

Mr. Richard Gage is in the background of my computer as I write this. Live streaming from Washington DC. Over the 100th presentation put on by this incredible man. His expression of love and disabled belief in fear is bringing the world to a land of opportunity. He does this not alone, as of today there are 719 Proffesional Architechs and Engineers standing behind him. More are signing up every day. If you know any A's or E's Please tell them about his work and where the world is going because of the blatant revealing of what is behind the mask. This is a shining example.

Oh and Ottawa 911 Truth is in for Hope Volleyball 2010 already! This time the shirts will have numbers! Please check out the blog sometime before June 2010!
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