Cheers to Max Keeping his promise


Cheers to Max Keeping his promise

Being Change Episode 5 on Youtube

I had slept in the Car and my shirt I intended to wear was all messy so I found this Radiohead shirt in my trunk that I bought at a Garage sale for 25cents. It Says;
Front: we hope that you choke! RADIOHEAD
Back: Phew!
Thinking its probably a bad broke the ice as we sat down. Max Keeping attended a Radiohead concert here in Ottawa when they played at Barrymores...I was amazed, they are way too big for that now! WE Both Love Radiohead!

On July 28th, a Tuesday, I arrived at CTV News Headquarters in Ottawa. 8:45 for my 9 o'clock with Max Keeping, the Chief for the 6pm news report. I greeted the lovely receptionist as usual and told her I was there for my interview with Max. "His assistant will be in shortly". I asked if I could film a bit of the lobby. She replied; "Oh yes, he should be here just about 9".

I did not care that she heard me incorrectly, I was already rolling. "Here we go again...You can't take Pictures Sir". Shut it off. "Pardon"?

I was told. I am not allowed to film. I asked why. You are just not allowed. I stated there was no sign anywhere. Then turned to speak with the receptionist who was staring with her mouth agape. I think she felt, what I then spoke with her about, for him to be a bit aggressive. I have no reason to fear this man yelling at me. We are all equal and his admitted fear of me filming is senseless. What am I going to do? LOL, This is a TV Station...C'MON! I'm not a spy or a terrorist!

OK, so I get a tap on my shoulder while standing at the desk. "See, I remember you!" showing me the Global Love Day Card and some movie invites I gave him last time, all stapled together. "Great! You remember me! That's awesome, you have no idea how much I appreciate that!" as I follow him back to his room. I failed to guess that they would then obviously know I am here about 911. No matter.

Max showed up just as I was shaking hands with his assistant. Max had called when I was waiting. The receptionist seemed mildly shocked that he wanted to talk to Mr. Security. LOL, they chatted for at least 3 minutes after the door was closed. Maybe they talk everyday like that.

Max walked me into the Cafeteria and said "Let me buy you a coffee". He waved the guy behind the counter and I'm sure that took care of it. The receptionist had given to me a coupon;

This coupon entitles you to a complimentary beverage in our cafeteria.
Auction started yesterday, bidding currently at $5 as of Aug 3. I guessed that this was for me to keep.

I had asked if I could film on our way through the doors...he said "First tell me what this is about"...then the coffee...I said "This is about you". Still no on the filming, I asked for audio...still "What is this really about". I did not lie and keep filming. Although I have no problem doing that. I am filmed all the time without my permission. I was surely being taped right then.

I began to ask him because we had limited time and I was not going to be able to have him express his perfect nature before telling him how he can grow on it, about Richard Gage. I stated he had been on local news stations in the US. He was an architect. I can spit this stuff real fast now that I been doing it 105 days. Nothing.

I then talked about the petition I had read about only the night before The news of a possible referendum on 911 sparked something. I then told him 70,000 people made it happen. He wrote it down. Said something about promises. I told him this was an interview and not really a news tipoff, however I kept going.

I got into Nano-Thermite he wrote it down. Then spoke again about Richard Gage, this time he wrote 727 arch's and eng's and the site. I then spoke of my affiliation with, the recent events and my personal pride to be with such amazing people. He wrote it. Short hand.

So 4 Things..with intention to look into Neils Harrit and the Nano-Thermite, he had a nice list.

"Max Keeping, report to the News Office" was announced at 9:15. I was scheduled for 20 minutes. He said "Someone is attending a Funeral and I have to fill in". So that was it. He was all over me about weather I write or where I will be going. I told him I am thankful for his compliments and I will go where it takes me.

I have to admit. I have not tuned in to see if he is reporting on it. I hope his assistant would send me an email.

I intend to follow up before or after the trip. Anyone in between would be great. You would get your own coffee coupon for the attempt.

M@ Out
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