Could this be something to go on?

Watch the video on the left about the 4 pillars...its marked with a Canada Flag.

Canada Knows!

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Koyo said...

I'm following your epic one year cross-Canada journey, Matt. Reaching out to people everywhere is of great interest and importance. I mean it.

But I can't help thinking that leaving Montreal (and Ottawa) for one year is a bit too much. Things are moving so quickly you will not recognize the place when you return. It is like you were banishing yourself.

An alternative might be small teams with a multimedia show (slides, snippets from the best videos, posters, flyers) that fan out everywhere, even travelling and residing with the local people, yet returning to base after a week or two.

Like turning the grasshopper into a (small) swarm of grasshoppers !!

You are at the very heart of things. It is not the same without you. We miss your spirit already.

(Remove this: Signed: Jacques Marcille - you can reach me at