Desire Jennings Redskins Cheerleader Ambasador...August 23rd


Desire Jennings Redskins Cheerleader Ambasador...August 23rd

I can barely handle watching this. Yes we all know this is a regular flu shot. But we need to remember this is 2009. Its not last year. Number one reason to think things through...assume everything is statistically reliable and you will just happen to be one of those 'rare' cases. Hint; they will call it rare even if every one of us goes "retarded". Everything is OK. Don't get Shot though!

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C said...

The FDA said this is rare so that means everything is OK!!! This women is probably going to be the 1st of many cases that will suffer serious illness from this H1N1 flu shot that we apparently need. 1 death is too many for a bug that are natural immune system can fight off. There is unfortunately deaths every year from the flu but to be told by our Gov't that we require this shot is genocide. The companies that formulate this vaccine is profiting hand over fist while innocent humans will dies. Please take your chances and let your natural immune system fight this off.

Max Radico said...

She actually got this from the new and improved seasonal flu vaccine.