Special Appearance letter for my October 19th court case: Sir-Mika Otf Rasila


Special Appearance letter for my October 19th court case: Sir-Mika Otf Rasila

Notice of special appearance for MIKA P RASILA / Deceased

I Mika of the Rasila Family, Free-man-on-the-land / Sovereign, foreign national on the land mass known as turtle island, the corporation of Canada, do hereby send this letter as representation of special appearance for the corporate legal fiction known as MIKA P RASILA.

I have affixed with this letter one voided " Ontario Health Card ". This is the last contract and prima facia evidence of contract with the corporation of Canada . I will no longer be contracting in any way with your unlawful, defacto, extortionist, fraudulent, malfeasant, and simply lying enterprise.

I, me, myself, the living breathing sentient human being known as Mika have voided ab intio all other forms of government contract in the last 9 years including Birth Certificate, Social Insurance number and all licenses and permits which have evolved from these fraudulent contracts. You should have on record my prior notices, If you do not have these available this is no longer my responsibility, fire your clerk.

I have also affixed with this letter a notice and demand affidavit and Information affidavit that outlines the criminal actions of the arresting officer PC Dan Attwood, mercenary employee of the corporation of canada. I realize his ignorance and know that he was taught to be a criminal by you so I hold the law society itself accountable for his actions , including the fraudulent phone call and entrapment. But I'm sure that you condone this method as well.

You have in your possession property that belongs to me , I realize that a criminal society as yours is will never relinquish the things it steals from people so I do not expect to ever have this returned to me at least not willingly.Those things were mine, Lawfully bought and paid for. Certain sentimental and valuable assets that can never be reproduced. Among those things were my tools which afford me a living. There is in fact a war coming and we the people have had enough, You can make the decision to side with the common law or continue as you are. The choice is yours and we will honor it if you decide to follow your sworn oath. I do not expect anything of you since I realize the corruption runs very deep. Perhaps afterwards you will realize the error of your ways and finally stop allowing yourselves to be controlled by a fascist corporate oligarchy and become human beings again. I'm sure you value your expensive cars more than dignity,integrity and human decency so you will never consider becoming lawful.

My most valued asset was my dog whom I had to give away due to my home, conveyance, tool carrier ( Van ) being stolen ( confiscated ) from me. you will never be able to compensate me for this indignity. You have tried to destroy yet another life but you have not succeeded although you will be made to realize you own corruption soon enough.

As is with all Freemen in the freemen society of Canada we simply want to be left alone without interference from the state to conduct our own lives lawfully and peacefully. We will not consent to be governed by you and we waive all benefits. Under the charter of rights and freedoms we as human beings are told that we are given the unalienable right to life, liberty, and security of the person among other things and even though this in itself is a statute written by men to define our rights you should learn these things and be bound by them.

But as Human beings we are only here to protect the rights and freedoms of all of our brothers and sisters and this includes everyone.

Do it for your children if not for yourselves. NO MAN MADE LAW CAN ABROGATE A FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT.

in propria persona sui juris without prejudice,Mika of the Rasila FamilyShare
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