The Sword is not mighty


The Sword is not mighty


Its kinda not nice that we are given last names or told that our family names are last names and thereby simply speaking of it brings you into contract. That's a fact. The great deception is simply that most don't know this simple intrusion into nature and an unknowing barrier to achieving peace. This info is spreading fast though! Empower every person you meet. Ask them to rise. When we all remain seated and raise our BC's in the air...we got it. Then we accept them all for value and start printing our own money. Don't harm vandalize or steal. This is the Law of the Common People. Don't fight the system! Empower yourself! The Pen...

Whats the quote? "No tree has branches that are so foolish enough to fight amongst themselves." I guess its just a picture this; humanity is a tree. What does it look like right now? Those thick branches like the Hudson Bay company...made up of persons (little branches), Bell has got a large branch so does Rogers. Rothchild world bank must have a big one. Now what if there is a new tree growing. One where all the branches are equal? A bush more know something where we work together and grow straight and strong together...not like the old Oak.

"We may run, walk or stumble, but let us never lose sight of the reason for the journey, or miss a chance to see a rainbow on the way. To lead the people always walk behind them ,because this way you are always sure that everyone is with you and no one is left behind"~by antwan (random internet 'imo')

Double rainbows are way more funny! Double Rainefeller Rockabow
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