You can have my hair, but you can never take my freedomness


You can have my hair, but you can never take my freedomness

Mayday. So much distraction. So much work being done. So much seriousness. Can we loose the "winning" by laughing and being happy? By singing and dancing and spreading narrative truth at every opportunity. Policies are starting and have been forever encroaching on that happy or work hard and pretend to be.

This year 2011 is truly too much. Too much is happening for any one soul to embrace the big picture. "They will be known by their actions" both of us. We must act, with peace and loving kindness to get through this. They will be acting out of fear all this year. Using More Force when force does not wield the control it did to the souls of the past.

What can we do? We could protest but thats what they want. We could just write letters and make it all public but most of the public is unaware of the unlimited potential of uncovering truth or silence through private administrative process'.

I have a pony tail. A 'Money' as my niece calls it. On Mayday of this year. May 1st 2011. The day before this de facto governor general approves and assigns a new government under the crown, it seems we might go visit him to negotiate the treaty as any honourable consignee should. So I will cut my hair. I will leave it there. It's good for birds. Its good for everything. Its not littering if you place it on the ground as much of it is currently falling there as I type this. This is not my idea. This idea is one of those that people may miss the POINT but if they can put on their truth caps and see the three deepness to everything...its the only message that needs giving. We give to you our dead cells as an offering of the past and do so as we claim the living flesh that is the source of that hair creation. Call me a hippy...see if that changes anything!

I love you all!

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