Cruiser 49 Owen Sound


Cruiser 49 Owen Sound

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freddy said...

Just heard about you guys and I would be delighted to help in any way I can.Freddy

Anonymous said...

Have any of George's supporters brought information to a Justice of the Peace for the violations already committed? If not, why shouldn't these police act with complete impunity? It's obvious by now you guys are not going to take any effective action.

Max Radico said... this the great Anonymous commenting on our little grasshopper page right here? What is obvious is not always what is presented. I greatly appreciate your comment as it shows you know something but be not fooled...the unjustified actions of all will be acted upon in due time. What would you have us do first of more footage comes out I'm sure more will come out. Just curious, how do we get justice with the the public?