Turmel takes them to school!


Turmel takes them to school!

JCT: We're not sure if the live stream worked right but we
tried doing interviews outside before going in. I also taped
them on my camera and will upload that to Youtube later.

Justice Rosenberg (wrote the original Parker decision)
Sharpe and Juriansz presiding, Crown James Gorham for Parker
and Kevin Wilson for Gary Pallister, Mark MacDonald, Debra
McIntyre, Rob McCrady, Wayne Hearn, Sean Maloney.

Issues raised:
- Whether Parker should have sought Extraordinary remedy of
Certiorari or were we right to use S.40 of the Ontario
- Whether hearing can be livestreamed
- Whether John Turmel can speak for the Magnificent Seven?
- Whether BENO means the MMAR has been flawed?
- Whether the MMAR should be declared flawed?
- Whether Hitzig 170 applies?
- Whether Crown should be cited for contempt?
- Whether Crown should expunge bogus convictions?
- Whether the Judge Clements and Gilmore should have barred
Appellants from taping their proceedings. That's the only
time Judge Rosenberg slapped me down. I'd take a liberty and
joked about how many judges didn't know about the 1989
Direction to the Practice from the Chief Justice that we
didn't even need to ask. And yet, we keep meeting judges who
don't know: Don't they have a judges' school? Wham. Don't go
there. But I did establish that we needed an answer once and
for all about this tape recorder issue now. I even have
another one coming up the pipes from a refusal by J.P.
Mullen during my own Arrest case in Brantford for
interviewing teenagers in public. Stayed by Crown. Appeal of
tape refusal still ongoing even though he ordered
free transcripts like Clement did for Parker.

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