Old 100's gone like that...
Please help send kids to camp...

Insert chip here and/or use new (temporary) trackable money as the old stuff really was only debt but this new can install in your hand! Really truly, as Farmer George has pointed out...they will be replacing our signature...or ability to 'do'...with the all new improved security program where you can do anything virtually rather than in person...think about that.
Anyway, don't forget the 5 points...Right eye, right thumb, hand geometry, face geometry and last but not least; Utterance.

Explains why cell phones are so important and why they have the internet running on that wireless platform rather than through the wires as was forcasted through fibre optics...ho hum...but the utterance also explains why the charge is Uttering Forged who ever issued a fake Fender Guitar through their mouth? I know who!
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