My One Question To Ron Paul


My One Question To Ron Paul

The world is divorce yourself from it!
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ad astra said...

Just someone please tell me we aren't ready effed n the a.
I see the distractors using the distractions they've in-built into our subcultures-to subvert it.

Wannabe hippy kids love ron paul- but the wannabe kids never realized hippies didn't exist, the 60's sacrament was created in a lab and owsley, the dead, and ken kesey went through the same programming britney spears has been put through.

Who speaks on the title "freeman" being a trap for us all to fall into? Ron paul, hired as sheep herder to tag any of us who have shown interest in him, as terrorists.

I worry for the ladies and gents(like max) who are stepping out as examples-to show us the loop holes- I feel they'll soon be made(in vain) into martyrs.
How many steps ahead do we have to be?
So. Damn. Frustrating.