Rick Simpson Returning to


Rick Simpson Returning to

On the record with Rick Simpson May 13 c/o regarding the recent stay of charges that have kept him out of CANADA for so long...the short of it is, we all need to step up and somehow help the people that are dying every day from diseases that can be cured by this process...Please share rate know the deal!

Thanks Rick!

The world is divorce yourself from it!
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Anonymous said...

He is a great man.

Edward Dobson said...

He is indeed. someone please pass on to rick the following regarding Stayed Proceedings.
It is the duty of Crown counsel to make sure that cases meet both aspects of the charge approval standard throughout the proceedings.

If, after charge approval but before the conclusion of the trial, Crown counsel decides that either the evidentiary or the public interest test can no longer be met, Crown counsel may apply to withdraw the charges or may enter a stay of proceedings on the charges.

A stay of proceedings is a direction to the clerk of the court to stop the proceedings for a period of time.
Crown counsel can, within certain limits, restart the proceedings but proceedings cannot be reopened after six months for summary matters and a year for indictable matters.
Most matters that have been stayed are not reopened.

Bottom Line he will be truly safe from these stayed Charges AFTER a one year window from the charges being stayed.