Cure Cancer all Normal Like...


Cure Cancer all Normal Like...
This video contains no keywords to offend the "Normies". Those out there that know there is a Cure for Cancer and they just don't know about the RSO treatments, that are being spread worldwide through word of mouth and in no thanks to any mainstream media outlet of any kind, and need to know that the green thing they were told is somehow criminal doesn't have to go up in smoke.

Our friend Rick Simpson returned to CANADA this last summer enjoying a stay of his charges and observed some obvious desire to not bring him back into the "LimeLight"...he was contacted by his local news affiliates that asked for an interview but he declined due to a dishonourable contract agreement with them at a previous conjunction. So Grasshopper Media and The Canadian Awareness Network were given this most amazing exclusive interview with an "off the cuff" candid Man of Truth; Rick Simpson of Nova Scotia CANADA who is currently back on tour in Europe hunting for ears that can hear.

Are you awake to the truth about our built-in endocannabinoid systems? Almost all life on this planet would and does benefit from the fuel for that system recently identified through common sense practice and application of that which we have been deprived, is in fact the cure to almost all ailments of our common times.

We could be wrong, lets learn the truth together at least!

The world is divorce yourself from it!
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