Max Radio Episode 1


Max Radio Episode 1

First Podcast

Things from yesterday that we can follow up with or ensure all are on same page.

You are listening to Max Radio Care of Today your host is the one commonly known as max radio and this show may or may not be boring to you but its my only means of venting this information so I can function in this land we must call OZ cause I am so confused and don't understand a thing. So much information I can hardly suppress the need to verbalize it. And Disclaim all that is said as non obligation to contract or drive a vehicle otherwise known as an application into any walls or cause accidental or non-accidental incidents to be reported as anything outside educational slash entertainment purposes.

This show is produced as often as possible and has no structure at all, sorry to disappoint all those out there with OCD.

Well, Good Morning It is September 28th and We had some interesting stuff in the news yesterday that could turn before today. Iran has put travel warnings on Canada of all places due to lack of delegation or diplomatic sanctions or what have you…somehow it is linked to this movie about Muslims and is rumoured to have garnered anti-islamism like its anti-semitism…literally I can't see the difference…can you see the difference? Somewhat like that ABC commercial in the 90's…so…basically we have no ability to stop whatever is coming because we have no rights at all because we don't write anything…just apply for stuff. 

The GMO study out of France is real and super wavy in its influence on the world…somewhere may or may not have destroyed it all…catholic priests whip cream knees ok…not cool. Uhm…my friend from Montreal Barbarian Rebellion has had his quote self basically destroyed from google via some troll that hacked his account and killed his rep with youtube. The truthergirls has a video posted also through and 

So Here is the morning Suspicious Observers followed by the Hyper Report both syndicated from Youtube. If you like this podcast please comment and give me support and initiative to do one every day…admittedly procrastination and commitment issues over here. Not to the truth tho…If I know for sure I'll try to put some words together…but communication is certainly as broken as its ever been yet totally thought as solid as a rock…silly communication. Smart stuff. Secure as that curtain hiding the wizard. Good day!

Gonna play this song by Fleet Foxes…hope you like it. Again please subscribe through Itunes or whatever place you find this and send me comments or anything at thats f-i-n-d-r-s-t on youtube @gmail on Facebook and grasshopper We do not accept donations. Stay free!

The world is divorce yourself from it!
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