Nicholas my Friend


Nicholas my Friend

I met this amazing boy and his family at a time in my life when I thought I knew everything. Man was I wrong. Time marches on and tells all. My love for him seems to have grown even in the time between our last meeting and this moment. This morning I aim to make contact with the family again as they have moved to the west coast. I find it appropriate for this scheduled event to fall on the 21st of December for reasons that will remain a mystery...(PC-M, simply because I am not educated enough as of yet). Also for it to be the first, even before the truth actions (stay tuned). All for Nicholas because this boy, who could not speak, could not move his body the way he wanted or even control the things we take for granted every day as "Healthy" individuals. All for him because through all those restraints, through all his ups and downs, his crying and such to simply express himself. I have never felt so loved. He loved me like a brother. Nothing did he ask of me. NOTHING. Only to let me be loved by him.

I Love you Nicholas, see you soon.

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Name: Matthew
Sponsoring Organization:: MShift2 Productions
Nature of Event:: The Truth
Topic to be Addressed:: The relationship between us
Date of Event:: Dec 21, 2009
Location of Event:: Kelowna BC
Time of Event:: 9:11 AM
Audience:: The world
Size:: As big as our hearts
Age Range of Group:: 0-250
School/Association:: Grasshopper Media
Contact Name:: Matthew Racicot
Address:: ------------.
City:: Ottawa
Province/State:: Ontario
Country: Canada
Postal/Zip Code::-----
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