United People World Government


United People World Government


I am attaching a web address for the United People World Government. This is a decision making tool developed on computer, to facilitate the people taking their soverign power back from political parties. I worked with these guys in Australia two years ago and actually wrote the initial draft of their business plan, called A Global Call for Collaboration. I am not actively involved with them now, but have a lot of time for the main proponent, a man called Ricardo Johannsson. I think it would be good to run an article on Grasshopper about this. It is not just a vision - the software is fully operational and tested and they are running a pilot project in Byron Bay, in New South wales, on the East coast of Australia, where they are calling the people to assemble in virtual space for the purpose of forming a people's government. In my eyes, it is a vital part of the technology that could link all the various people pursuing different avenues of activism today.

Have a look at the web site - there is a video presentation which gives you a summary and if you are interested, let me know what would work for you and I will liase with Ricardo.

Here is the link:

United People World Government

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