I don't want to Travel across Canada Truthing for a whole year...


I don't want to Travel across Canada Truthing for a whole year...

Really it will be fun. But I would much rather not make movies about the people I'm talking with about 911. I would just talk about the weather on any given day with every person I see. Hey you, Check out this weather! Isn't it great. Never ends eh! Weather Weather everywhere. Oh how nice or not nice it is...lets stand around and discuss this for 10 minutes about how I think its great cause its raining and you think its ok...yea yeah we need it...sure is gloomy there with those clouds....boom, lightning flashes...we get drenched. It starts to let up and we thank God...the sun breaks through the 6 thunder clouds that just moved a bit, and wow two rainbows...never seen that before, or have we. We look at each other, "How about that Weather!".

Thank heaven for human connection. Thank something for 911. Conversation is integral. It helps to soften the blow of being responsible in this world for a body. How you converse, and quite often weather you converse with others has a huge effect on the world as a whole. There are almost 8 billion on this planet and we are all connected by such short degree's it is staggering. You need us! Interdependency makes the world go round.

I invited Obama to come see me in Being Change Episode 3. I am a dreamer. I like to imagine anything is possible. Then when I get halfway it doesn't seem like I got where I was looking, but looky where I am! Omaba, look where you are guy! Pull a JFK before it's too late. Make me cancel the grasshopper media trip....please!

And the news coming out about Michael and how he was going to tell the world about the swine flu vaccine genocide, and thats why the CIA killed super way to early to post about. Stay tuned. Go. Be Like Mike. "Heal the World!"

David Ray Griffin Call to Obama

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Truther_Karen said...

Heal The World
Make It A Better Place
For You And For Me
And The Entire Human Race
There Are People Dying
If You Care Enough
For The Living
Make A Better Place
For You And For Me
- MJ

Barack Obama, raise the truth so that we may prosper. Please make Matt's life easier by ending the oppressive lies.