May 2009


Call to Troops

People tell my new friends and I very often that we are not supporting the troops. Sandra Blakie laughs at us and says that we are disrespectful. That is ok. Tonight I saw on the road two guys longboarding like I do with my buddy, but it was on the roads after it had rained all day. I yelled at them that they will ruin their bearings...perhaps they already know that oil and water do not mix and the next day when they ride their ride again, they will forever destroy the weakest ball in the bearing set that makes the whole thing roll. They may replace the wheels in hope that this will fix the problem when all it happened to be was a one night joy ride on the wet pavement. Who knows, maybe the guys have other boards and those are the rain rides. Point is, Info. Knowledge is Power, but not without Perspective or Common Sense, as is explained in a song by the Outspoken Wordsmiths (I am working on a music vid for it). If I informed these guys of the obvious however simply unacquired knowledge, they may benefit. Save some some 9/11 Truth T-Shirts and burn some DVD's...or maybe not.

So I know this guy downtown named Norm. He wears Support the troops gear all the time and supports our cause also. In fact he explains this stuff in a way, simpler than most. This is the eternal struggle, Cain and Able, Terrorism.

I think I am beginning to feel like the bible has some serious symbolic input here, Our current system is the Rock Cain uses to kill Able...keeps happening. Over and over, big and little. What can we do about it. Well, what if, we have a way of knowing that the rock is about to come crashing down. We have advance warning that someone is trying to kill us. Able, very able to do so, with this extra and newfound information, then gains perspective, sees what is happening through the understanding he has gained through scientific conclusive thought process', applies common sense theory and simply changes his own fate. This has nothing to do with the sun and the moon. This has to do with you. This has to do with the Troops.

This is a calling to the Troops. All people in fact. Support your families, the ones you care about. We support you in this. The Universe and nature support this. This Call to troops is one of importance and clarity. Transparency is possible, it is the only thing really lacking. The struggle it has had to come to power, may well have taken everything we as a species could give. Everything. But when everything is given, everything is gained.

I call to the troops, not because I have any authority. I call to the troops because I am desperate. These times make me so. Not any reason that I choose. And we are all living this day Saturday May 30, 2009 right now. We are all in these times. We all have our own times. They will not all oneday come How can we really be apart...thank god we are not. Thank the troops we are not. Not just the soldiers though! Norm, I think your words gave perspective where there was very little. Gracias!

Norm is @ 3:11
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If you want to REALLY help someone in Africa...Meet my friend Ebrima

This man will get your money to some people who do not charge an admin fee to feed children. He does this day in and out. Because he lives there with the people he is helping.

Please contact him with any help you could ever give. I do this, and plan to edit some video's for him in the coming months. Great man! Inspiring! Getting better at English every day! My Friend Ebrima in The Gambia.

Mr. Ebrima S. Dem
National Representative
Global Unification-The Gambia
Suite 106, Plaza Center, 151 Mosque Rd
PMB 772, Serekunda, The Gambia
Tel: +2209807770
Skype: gu_gambia
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Awesome Dude Award

Need Say no more....I want to see this man get a hug from Omar when he comes home.
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Truthers for Obama

It seems to me like all these movements 'We Are Change', 'Truth Action' and 'The 911 Truth Movement' are all very much behind the new President Obama and VP Biden. Being Canadians most of us say its unrelated affairs....with some magical swipe of oversight. The growing amount of information available on the internet today is astounding. After 1 month of research into many of the aspects of these movements, including infiltrating the whole movement itself, I have found a passion for information. Most of the people of these organizations pride themselves on their abilities to be subtle. The Softest Thing Overcomes the Hardest Thing. Not my quote, but it makes sense. All this Hate for Obama, is real....and it can be felt even here in Sunny Springtime Canada. However, I feel the change through watching Jesse Ventura these last couple days on most major TV interview shows. This ain't Politics anymore.

Obama, you can do it man! They thought they had Kennedy, but they didn't. No Fear man, there are people around you who know and will protect you. I know it's not too late.

"The only thing necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing" ~Edmund Burke


Joe Biden

More Obama
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Global Warming and CO2 Emissions

A Direct copy from an Email I got from someone I don't know but now know...on facebook...

"When ice-core sample test results revealed a connection between CO2 levels and temperature levels, Al Gore’s film AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH promoted the assumption that the nature of the connection is that a rise in CO2 levels causes a rise in temperature. But when many more ice-core samples were tested and the results compared, the data determined that Al Gore’s film promotes the exact opposite of the truth. The truth is that the sun triggers a rise in temperature which triggers a rise in CO2 levels, and C02 levels are not harmful to the environment at all, because plants breathe CO2. High CO2 levels mean more trees will grow. So instead of curbing your “carbon footprint”, you should plant trees and also increase your “carbon footprint”. For more information, contact: Prof. Tim Patterson, Prof. Edward J. Wegman, Dr. Willie Soon, Prof. Bob Carter, Dr. Madhay Khandekar, Dr. Dick Morgan, Dr. Fred Goldberg, Dr. Ross McKitrick … and tens of thousands of other scientists who know that the UN’s IPCC is a fraudulent political organization with globalist intentions."
Topic Discussion in Facebook Group 'This Is Earth'
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Feature Blog

A local in Ottawa with tagline "Kan’tWeAllGuitArLongboard?"...and a passion for what is Truthy. Personal expression is the new renaissance! New Radio sho in the works, too, I think.

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I am not an American....

But this guy makes a lot of sense to me. RIP Major General Smedley Darlington Butler!

War is a Racket by Smedley Butler
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Truth Movie Tuesdays Premier @ Saint Paul University

May 19, 2009

Truth Movie Tuesdays @ Saint Paul University,
in partnership with Ottawa 911 Truth &
Ottawa Truth Action c/o MShift2 Productions presents:
"Truth Rising an Alex Jones Film" – in English only
Truthers bring your Moms!
Tuesday, May 19, 7:00 to 9:00 pm, at Saint Paul University (Amphitheatre)
223 Main Street.

Cost: $12 – Includes DVD of the feature film
Wheelchair availability: 8 spaces
Parking for people with disabilities: side entrance of building

For those who facebook...Ottawa 911 TruthThis Is Earth
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Source of Influence

Taking the step through your Fear is something we all must do. Even maintaining that step gets hard. This step is the only thing that is needed. It is only Fear that must be faced. The Ends Justifies the Means!

William Sloan Coffin wrote: "The world is too dangerous for anything but truth and too small for anything but love."
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What do you know for sure...?

“Look at everything as though you are seeing for the first time, with the eyes of a child, fresh with wonder.” ~Joseph Cornell

Know for sure. Know for sure. Know for sure. Certain of anything? Aware of your surroundings and all that it means? Are all the thoughts you are having at this moment or any other really True? Have you ever really stopped to think of that? Byron Katey asks this question. My father would ask me "What do you know for sure?". If you know nothing for sure or find your thoughts to be untrue, why do we act upon assumptions?

Day in and out we live. Thinking we will struggle forever. I don't believe this. There are others like me. We are not just dreamers, we are scientists, we are family members, we are communities and religions. To say there is Evil in the world and to think of dismissing anything is only cyclical. When we remove the conditions that give rise to pain we eliminate the pain. Human nature and behavior are what we live within. How we live without is our choice, regardless of what we may see with our own two eyes.

We see that Aesop's Fable of the Grasshopper and the Ant can be incomplete if we are to apply the metaphorical morality to our present world situation. Ants have toiled all winter to survive. It has been a long grueling winter. The grasshoppers are back. Summer is coming. The winter of industry and destruction is ending. Sustainability and Transparency are the tools winter has taught us to use. Through suffering and love we have grown as people. Never to need winter to work for again. The age of enlightenment has arrived.

Love over Fear may sound sappy but its the reality we must wake up to. Being afraid is a direct result from not knowing. Hidden mysterious dark things and people scare us into our shells. We break free when we learn that the darkness holds nothing but empty space, to be filled with our imagination, to be filled with Love. It is simply what is left behind when we learn the truth. All is Well and Good. Simply much is unexplored. Throw caution to the wind. Have Faith. Hope needs not be kindled, It never left us.

This is no religion. The new religion is individuality. The new God does not discriminate. The old God never asked for your service or money. Living an actualized life is all that has ever been required. Change has happened, is happening and will happen. That's one thing I know for sure.

'This Is Earth' on Facebook
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