Max The man commonly known as Max Radico (et al) serves this public courtesy notice of existing contract between you and your creator. It is as simple as the creator owns its creations. Where do you come from?

I Am, Max Radico
My name is Max Radico,
but whats in a name?

A name is a name is a name
but its not quite the same. You see,
one uses a name to prove a claim,
should you choose to.
But if you do not,
that is choose to do commerce.
And rather you would simply go about your day
know this simple fact;
that you are not obliged
to portray a name
that they gave you
for being a part of the story
a story of a story of the name game
about how we were certified and readied for trading.
Our mothers asked the queen,
in fact begged her by signing,
the birth certificate is the evidence,
of the creation or receiving
of something onto land.

Were you birthed? I wasn't.
As far as I know the water,
i came in on,
Is not the water they own.

We are given in trust
to D.G. Regina,
It's on all OUR money
just look and see.
It is her solemn duty to ,
Give glory to God,
and thats why we trust her...and her bloodline.
In Trust we are.
In Trust we be.
But what if I'm able.
To stand on my own.
I have a mouth and a mind,
I'm training both to my ability.
My Ability to respond is my responsibility.

A name is just a word or set of words by which a person,
animal, place or thing is known,
addressed or referred to.
But then again
its someone or something,
regarded as existing,
merely as a word and lacking substance,
or reality,
both from Webster,
But if you read the blacks law you can see it very cleary
they've intended from the start to use the certificate for trading.
trading what you might ask and the answer is credit.
One needs only do research on our fine history.
to see where we're headed.
My message is this,
I am not a name,
but I am here for the game.
I will play like they play because its my duty
and finally they might see,
that my flesh is not to be reckoned with or traded.
You tricked my Mom when you said;
it would give me identity and ability for commerce,
admitting my body into a world without training.
in fact all the truth was put in hiding.
Very sinister men have lived in this world and helped create this system,
but so did our fathers,
and their fathers fathers,
tried, died and true.

Near the end of the middle ages we were maybe better off.
There were no banks
no thing but the king.
We all got together and agreed.
That no matter where we come from,
you lease your life first from God,
not from Ceaser,
Not from the Queen,
Not from any majesty but your choosing,
should you be deceived its no ones fault,
You can lead a horse to water,
but you can't cure it's thirst.
And after a while the Magna Carta,
was written creating the crown,
which we all stand under,
unless otherwise smitten.
You state your understanding
with every word you speak.

It's Usury thats the problem,
and thats why I changed my name,
I don't want to have any of it,
cause its all about credit.
And giving where it is due,
because if we share the revelation,
perhaps we can start an investigation
and be at peace once again.
Cause the cops rule the streets,
we gave them that power.
Like a gang they take over.
Dressed up to intimidate, protect and serve.
They are all simply acting.
The all black jump suits, caring guns and harassing for ID.
I'm sick of these fake rights that don't apply.
They only apply to your person.
You have more rights than they tell you.
For you are not a person,
you have a person.
In Trust.
In Trust.
In Trust.
To who?
If you control your self and all that surrounds you,
you are far better off than owning or letting.
You are not a slave.
I declare it to you now.
There is far more than one or two of us and we are spreading the words.
The Truth.

I owe this to my mother to correct her mistake,
she was not fully disclosed,
on what route this would take.
I lay a claim to my name and choose it to be MAX!
I work for Grasshopper Media,
thats how I sleep at night,
food appears on the table,
for this year at least.
We are lucky beyond imagining as we are the meek,
we shall inherit the earth,
probably feed some more children.
With or without commerce I just don't know.
For now its our birthdate they will make you confirm,
that you are the name instead of what you are.
Declare "I Am what I AM"
And never let go.
You have the right to remains silent
but silence won't fix this.
We need smart and strong people,
to stand up to the system before its too late.
we can't do it without love
cause its all one word;

Nothing to see here...he's just a guy not doing can finditherefirst


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