Pro choice on vaccinations in Ontario

Your name is what? What is it? What information is attached to whatever your name is? All parties are privy to names. Lets go to the beach! #Yourname = #number

Watch "Thousands of Students Facing Suspension Over Vaccine Records!" on YouTube

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Lets go instagramming?

Did someone say bandwagon???

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Climate extremes not global warming

Been a quiet week. For what its worth, filter everything is good practice. Something about space being water changes everything???

Watch "4MIN News May 2, 2013: M Flare" on YouTube

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Bob Geldof doesn't like JESUS?

New format of no video box. Cell phones and computer work can be done...but I'll wait for the app for that. Listen to Mark Dice, he knows ya can't hate JESUS!

Watch "Bob Geldof's Illuminati Loving Daughter, Peaches, Promotes Satanist Aleister Crowley" on YouTube

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