Hazakim - "Kadosh"

Some recent music featured in such videos as 'Why does parliament look like a middle finger'. Please share and subscribe to these guys wherever they are found. Something about the truth that is becoming so clear to yours expressed better in these songs than most of the unworthy words on the subject. It's ok. It's just a judgement from any man...but a man that is your father...may be your most important Lawyer you ever ask to work for you!
Babylon, the great mystery
Mother of human history
System of social sorcery
Our present condition
Needs serious recognition
Where there's no repentance there can be no remission
And that sentence, more serious than Vietnam
The atom bomb, and Saddam, and Minister Farakkhan
What's goin' on, what's the priority to you
by what authority do we do
the majority hasn't a clue
We majored in curses
Search the chapters, check the verses
Recapture the land
Remove the mark from off of our hands
So we can stand
In agreement with his command
Everything else is damned
Let them with ears understand
Everything else is damned, let them with ears understand

The world is divorce yourself from it!
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