Smile Flu

I have a friend on facebook that is spreading a new flu. This new strain is far more contagious than anything we have encountered before, although it has slowly been mutating in our society from the beginning. First encountered in historic times as something to be admonished as evil or misgiving, as it has been used against the people countless times throughout the religious world and the scientific. Most often arising when discovery is made or when one wakes up to their inner potential via childbirth, sexual or mental explosions and even through such a simple act as remembering.

Humanity is at risk of this pandemic growing in size until it entirely consumes us all...well the humans at least...seems the virus cannot be given to dogs or cats as it is only the advanced nature of this 'Turn1Frowndown1' being renamed since the discovery that monkeys are susceptible and anything else that can act like a human and pick up shit (it's own or anyone's) in both hands and then throw it. Or fling it.

Vaccines are being made ready out of anything...every day life has been taken by our good friends at Blendtech, that have been laboring non-stop, and blended with almost anything to simply inject. Its quite amazing as no adjuvents are used and any ingredients will do. Anyone who does not inject themselves with this healthy dose of stress based CURE, just might leave the rest of us in Jeopardy. Simply because if the whole population is not protected from this Smile Flu...It really quite could spread to every corner of the globe, threatening frowning as we know it...Forever!

Everything I write is fiction to you. All I know for sure is 911 was an inside job. Subsequently all the other holographic agendas seem to come to light. We are battling on many fronts...I say drop the guns...put on a wicked fake smile...and let nothing scare you ever again! Why? Cause you can! WE ARE CHANGE! Keep it real...happy!
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