Al Gore Sued By Over 30,000 Scientists For Global Warming Fraud

The creator of The Weather Channel on FOX, this video is awesome! Go John Coleman! Now spread this far and wide! Climate change is out of the hat! The rabbit is running around and all we have to do is point and say "Fraud" a magic trick gone very wrong! We want our climate back, and all the taxes etc that have been imposed thus far! Planting trees should be the only way to offset CO2...The world will not end! Not no way, not no how!

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Canada Day Give Away!.m4v

This Last Canada Day in the city of Ottawa the 911 Truth team set out to help inform Canadians about the SPP, what happened in Montebello and the Architects and Engineers of 911 Truth.

Free DVD's of 'The Nations Deathbed'. Perhaps next year we will be giving out copies of 'United We Fall' currently in the works over at Press for Truth.

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