Don't Get Shot!

Can they sell you on your own suicide? Military recruiting this year actually met quota's as the fear has never been so high. I bet they dropped the quota to meet it. The word Quota is not a number to react to. Reason only takes you so far, it will not take you anywhere if you are deliberating between fear and joining the military. We have choices....but 'They' tell us its only two! I have just added my 800th friend on facebook. Bernice is on her way up there. Point being its only a few 000's off from the population limit of 8 billion. The reduction to 500 million boggles my mind. It is apparent that most of you are buying into somethings...but not all of them. The vaccines are the pandemics. Codex will be the pandemic. Suicide is a pandemic. Religion without personal reflection is a pandemic. The pandemic has many faces. Choose no Pandemic. Please. For the love of God (Good Orderly Direction), open the peoples eyes around you.

You, I know you are awake and know this already! Thank you I could not, I would not be here feeling so well protected by truth, without you. Be well and listen to what people say, but filter for truth. We are receiving more clues every day to help protect those children that are not even born yet. Toronto Truth Seekers Know!

c/o The Toronto Truth Seekers..."DON'T GET SHOT. We like health tips. So, we should know that all vaccines may cause brain damage from chemicals over-stimulating our immune systems. All vaccines should be avoided and new mandatory vaccines don't make sense. PEOPLE WHO CHOOSE TO TAKE A "SWINE_FLU" SHOT SHOULDN'T MIND IF OTHER PEOPLE DON'T - BECAUSE THEIR SHOT IS SUPPOSED TO PROTECT THEM FROM THE SWINE FLU. Please visit for legal exemption forms,, and - and please pass it on! :)"...Thanks for this TTS!

God is mans greatest idea. The idea of choice is the only thing that must change. Informing others of your choices is the only way. Really, after taking care of your own self worth and truth level, everything else is bonus. Never Quit!

To sell your truth or even a simply need to be better than your competition. The method really means nothing unless you are the best at what you do! Toronto, Canada has a lot to learn from you fantastic seekers of la Verité as they say in the fair PofQ.
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Desire Jennings Redskins Cheerleader Ambasador...August 23rd

I can barely handle watching this. Yes we all know this is a regular flu shot. But we need to remember this is 2009. Its not last year. Number one reason to think things through...assume everything is statistically reliable and you will just happen to be one of those 'rare' cases. Hint; they will call it rare even if every one of us goes "retarded". Everything is OK. Don't get Shot though!

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