Call to Troops

People tell my new friends and I very often that we are not supporting the troops. Sandra Blakie laughs at us and says that we are disrespectful. That is ok. Tonight I saw on the road two guys longboarding like I do with my buddy, but it was on the roads after it had rained all day. I yelled at them that they will ruin their bearings...perhaps they already know that oil and water do not mix and the next day when they ride their ride again, they will forever destroy the weakest ball in the bearing set that makes the whole thing roll. They may replace the wheels in hope that this will fix the problem when all it happened to be was a one night joy ride on the wet pavement. Who knows, maybe the guys have other boards and those are the rain rides. Point is, Info. Knowledge is Power, but not without Perspective or Common Sense, as is explained in a song by the Outspoken Wordsmiths (I am working on a music vid for it). If I informed these guys of the obvious however simply unacquired knowledge, they may benefit. Save some some 9/11 Truth T-Shirts and burn some DVD's...or maybe not.

So I know this guy downtown named Norm. He wears Support the troops gear all the time and supports our cause also. In fact he explains this stuff in a way, simpler than most. This is the eternal struggle, Cain and Able, Terrorism.

I think I am beginning to feel like the bible has some serious symbolic input here, Our current system is the Rock Cain uses to kill Able...keeps happening. Over and over, big and little. What can we do about it. Well, what if, we have a way of knowing that the rock is about to come crashing down. We have advance warning that someone is trying to kill us. Able, very able to do so, with this extra and newfound information, then gains perspective, sees what is happening through the understanding he has gained through scientific conclusive thought process', applies common sense theory and simply changes his own fate. This has nothing to do with the sun and the moon. This has to do with you. This has to do with the Troops.

This is a calling to the Troops. All people in fact. Support your families, the ones you care about. We support you in this. The Universe and nature support this. This Call to troops is one of importance and clarity. Transparency is possible, it is the only thing really lacking. The struggle it has had to come to power, may well have taken everything we as a species could give. Everything. But when everything is given, everything is gained.

I call to the troops, not because I have any authority. I call to the troops because I am desperate. These times make me so. Not any reason that I choose. And we are all living this day Saturday May 30, 2009 right now. We are all in these times. We all have our own times. They will not all oneday come How can we really be apart...thank god we are not. Thank the troops we are not. Not just the soldiers though! Norm, I think your words gave perspective where there was very little. Gracias!

Norm is @ 3:11
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